Germanic Languages

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Learn English

The language of Shakespeare’s enchanting plays and Rowling’s magical wizarding world, English has been a global bridge across countries and cultures.

Learn German

As the language of Goethe and Einstein, German demonstrates the unity of precise sciences and evocative arts in its linguistic structure.

Learn Dutch

A key player in the global maritime and trade histories, Dutch offers idiosyncratic phrases and a musical lilt reminiscent of the land of tulips.

Learn Swedish

A beautiful tapestry of ancient Vikings and modern innovations, Swedish brings to life the warm traditions of the Nordic peoples.

Learn Afrikaans

Reflecting the broad diversity of South Africa, Afrikaans enriches the essence of the African continent with its colorful idioms and rich lexicon.

Learn Danish

A melodic synthesis of Viking history and the legacies of Hans Christian Andersen, Danish illustrates the enduring charm of the Danish people.

Learn Norwegian

As the voice of a land steeped in mythical sagas, stunning fjords, and intrepid explorers, Norwegian captures the essence of Norway’s timeless spirit.

Learn Icelandic

As ethereal as the aurora borealis and as powerful as the volcanoes of its icy homeland, Icelandic preserves the essence of the ancient Norse world.

Romance Languages

Learn Spanish

With passionate telenovelas and mesmerizing flamenco rhythms, Spanish embodies a raw and vivacious energy that enlivens the spirit.

Learn French

Often dubbed la langue d’amour, the melodic cadence of French has captivated the hearts and minds of people for centuries.

Learn Italian

The language of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Italian brings forth the savory flavors of Tuscany and the romance of Verona with its charming intonations.

Learn Portuguese

Flowing like the sounds of a melancholic fado or the rhythmic beat of samba, Portuguese resonates with powerful and diverse emotions.

Learn Catalan

A resilient language with tenacious cultural roots, Catalan bursts forth with the spirit of the fiercely independent region it represents.

Learn Romanian

With its Latin roots and Slavic influences, Romanian resonates with the sweeping narratives of the land of Dracula, painting pictures of romance and mystery.

Learn Galician

Embodying the lush green landscapes and stormy coastal vistas of its region, Galician sings the melancholic tunes of timeless Celtic and Iberian heritage.

Slavic & Baltic Languages

Learn Ukrainian

An echo of ancient folklore and a voice for contemporary Slavic culture, Ukrainian bonds generations with its resonant rhythms and poetic creativity.

Learn Polish

Reflecting the resilience and beauty of the Polish people, the language captures the spirit of the enchanting Slavic landscape and its storied past.

Learn Bosnian

As a pillar of the Balkan Peninsula, Bosnian resounds with the stirring calls of history and the intimate whispers of its enduring people.

Learn Bulgarian

Kaleidoscopic and charming, Bulgarian paints vivid images of the Cyrillic-scripted treasure trove of Balkan history and culture

Learn Croatian

As melodious as the heartrending songs of the Dalmatian coast, Croatian captures the essence of the Mediterranean region’s heritage and beauty.

Learn Slovak

A linguistic sibling of Czech, Slovak echoes with the mellifluous sounds of the Central European landscapes and their captivating orchestration.

Learn Czech

Known for its gripping consonant clusters and lilting rhythms, Czech is the proud voice of the Bohemian heartlands and their rich intellectual history.

Learn Macedonian

With its resolute expressions and lyrical qualities, Macedonian celebrates the essence of a diverse and spirited Balkan culture.

Learn Slovenian

Bound by the Slovenian Alps and the verdant Pannonian Plain, Slovenian illustrates the beauty and diverse vibrancy of the land it originates from.

Learn Belarusian

Rooted in the rich Slavic tradition, Belarusian shares its lyrical and historical charm with the vast expanses of the picturesque Eastern European landscape.

Learn Serbian

Steeped in folklore and age-old customs, Serbian reverberates with the soulful themes of its historic past and diverse cultural heritage.

Learn Russian

The language of the aggressor nation. Russian’s opulent expressions have given life to some of the world’s most profound tales of love, adventure, and existential crisis. We support Ukraine.

Learn Latvian

Lyrical and beguiling, Latvian serves as an alluring link to the forested landscapes and pastoral charms of the mysterious Baltic region.

Learn Lithuanian

Steeped in ancient Baltic traditions, Lithuanian echoes with the melodies of ancient folklore and the warmth of the amber-laden shores it inhabits.

Indo-Iranian Languages

Learn Hindi

As the language that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Bollywood, Hindi tells stories of love, family, and adventure in a tapestry of melodious phrases and vivid expressions.

Learn Persian

Sophisticated and lyrical, Persian weaves intricate patterns of poetry and wisdom from its ancient roots to the modern Iranian experience.

Learn Urdu

Embroidered with echoes of Persian, Arabic, and Hindi, Urdu beautifully conveys the subcontinent’s intelligence, grace, and artistic sensibility.

Learn Nepali

An integral part of the rich tapestry of the South Asian region, Nepali enchants with its intricate rhythms, inflections, and picturesque descriptions of a diverse and verdant homeland.

Learn Marathi

A rich Indo-Aryan language, Marathi unfolds the captivating tales of India’s storied Maharashtra region in a tapestry of poetic cadences and poignant expressions.

Learn Kannada

A Dravidian language steeped in the classical literature and rich heritage of India’s Karnataka region, Kannada is sung like a poem etched in time.

Austronesian Languages

Learn Indonesian

Representing the vibrant tapestry of the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesian weaves together diverse cultures through its fluid and adaptive spirit.

Learn Malay

With a graceful fusion of Indonesian roots and the soul of the Malay Peninsula, Malay tells stories of seafaring adventurers, mystical creatures, and the birth of a unique culture.

Learn Maori

The language of New Zealand’s indigenous people, Maori celebrates the legends and rich past of the Polynesian homeland with a melodic and enchanting resonance.

Learn Tagalog

Rooted in the Philippine islands, Tagalog melds the spirit of its people with the unique blend of Western and Eastern influences that have shaped its history.

Uralic & Finno-Ugric Languages

Learn Finnish

The language of the resilient and innovative Suomi people, Finnish sings melodic songs of the grand lakes and forests of its homeland.

Learn Estonian

A gem of the Finno-Ugric family, Estonian captivates with its enigmatic linguistic features, reflecting the spirit of its enchanting homeland.

Learn Hungarian

In stark contrast to its European neighbors, Hungarian casts a mesmerizing spell with its distinct Uralic roots and unique linguistic complexities.

Turkish Languages

Learn Turkish

Bound by Ottoman influences, Turkic roots, and Central Asian melodies, Turkish resounds with rich expressions and captivating cultural fusion.

Learn Azerbaijani

A vibrant blend of Turkic and Persian influences, Azerbaijani rises and falls like the enchanting melodies of the region’s traditional mugham music.

Learn Kazakh

Resonating with the soulful tunes of the nomadic steppe, Kazakh evokes the endless skies and boundless plains of its vibrant homeland.

Additional Languages

Learn Chinese

The intricate beauty of Chinese characters encapsulates millennia of tradition and history in every delicately penned stroke.

Learn Japanese

With its elegant balance of simplicity and depth, Japanese beautifully conveys the nuances of both the country’s rich cultural heritage and modern innovation.

Learn Korean

From the catchy tunes of K-pop to tantalizing kimchi, Korean’s unique linguistic structure mirrors the country’s vibrant blend of aged tradition and contemporary entertainment.

Learn Arabic

With soaring poetic verses and centuries-old proverbs, the rich and complex construct of Arabic offers a window into a vast cultural heritage.

Learn Swahili

A rhythmic fusion of the African continent, Swahili serves as a unifying force in creating a harmonious dialogue between an array of traditions and cultural heritage.

Learn Tamil

As one of the longest-surviving classical languages, Tamil emanates the rich tapestry of Dravidian literature, steeped in myth, spirituality, and ancient wisdom.

Learn Thai

As serene as the stretches of golden temples and as vibrant as the bustling markets, Thai embodies the beauty and complexity of the Land of Smiles

Learn Greek

The language of gods, philosophers, and heroes, Greek has withstood millennia to share the luminous wisdom of ancient civilizations with the world.

Learn Hebrew

Revitalized and flourishing in the modern era, Hebrew carries the weight of biblical history and the vibrant culture of the Jewish people.

Learn Armenian

An ancient language spoken by the people of a proud and enduring nation, Armenian has adapted and evolved throughout its storied history.

Learn Vietnamese

With striking tonality and resonant imagery, Vietnamese illustrates soulful poetry and age-old folklore celebrating the land shaped by the dragon and the fairy.

Learn Welsh

As a testament to the spirit of the Celtic people, Welsh conveys the heart-wrenching lilt and stirring melodies of an ancient and enchanted homeland.

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