Participate in stimulating discussions on a wide range of intriguing and creative topics, and enhance your language skills by defending your arguments against an all-knowing AI. With the Debate Mode feature, you can improve your persuasive communication skills, conversational understanding, and engagement, all in one. Whether you’re discussing the latest trends in technology, politics, or societal issues, the Debate Mode feature enables you to continually hone your language-learning skills by engaging in lively debates. As you engage in these debates, you’ll learn how to articulate your arguments effectively in your targeted language, respond to opposing views, and communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively. So, are you ready to step into the debate ring and demonstrate your skills?

Debates with All-Knowing AI

The AI technology makes this mode interactive and dynamic, providing real-time responses and feedback to ensure effective and efficient learning experiences. Through engaging in Debate mode, users can gain greater language proficiency, strengthening their confidence in both spoken and comprehension abilities.