Which language do you want to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?

Essential Questions and Phrases in Afrikaans

Student studying idiomatic English phrases diligently.

Learning a new language is an exciting journey, and acquiring a set of essential questions and phrases can help you communicate effectively in various situations. Afrikaans is a language spoken primarily in South Africa and Namibia, rich in history and culture. This article will introduce you to some basic yet essential Afrikaans words, phrases, and questions to assist you in everyday interactions.

Meaning: Hello.
Hallo, hoe gaan dit?

Goeie môre
Meaning: Good morning.
Goeie môre, het jy lekker geslaap?

Meaning: Good evening.
Goeienaand, dit is lekker om jou te sien.

Meaning: Goodbye.
Totsiens, ek hoop ons sien mekaar weer.

Meaning: Thank you.
Dankie vir jou hulp vandag.

Meaning: Yes.
Ja, ek sal graag saamgaan.

Meaning: No.
Nee, dankie, ek is nie honger nie.

Meaning: Please.
Kan jy asseblief die deur vir my oophou?

Verskoon my
Meaning: Excuse me.
Verskoon my, kan jy my die pad na die stasie wys?

Hoe gaan dit?
Meaning: How are you?
Hoe gaan dit met jou vandag?

Wat is jou naam?
Meaning: What is your name?
Wat is jou naam? Ek is Johan.

Praat jy Engels?
Meaning: Do you speak English?
Praat jy Engels of net Afrikaans?

Ek verstaan nie
Meaning: I don’t understand.
Jammer, ek verstaan nie. Kan jy dit herhaal?

Waar is die badkamer?
Meaning: Where is the bathroom?
Verskoon my, waar is die badkamer asseblief?

Kan ek betaal?
Meaning: Can I pay?
Kan ek betaal? Hier is my kredietkaart.

Hoeveel kos dit?
Meaning: How much does it cost?
Die hemp lyk mooi, hoeveel kos dit?

Ek is op soek na …
Meaning: I am looking for …
Ek is op soek na die naaste supermark.

Ek hou van jou.
Meaning: I like you.
Jy’s snaaks; ek hou van jou.

These phrases and questions are the foundational blocks for starting conversations and asking for information in Afrikaans-speaking countries. They will help you navigate your way through day-to-day situations, be polite, and foster good relationships. Remember, as with any language, practice makes perfect, so don’t be shy to use these phrases as much as possible when you encounter Afrikaans speakers!

Afrikaans is a relatively easy language for English speakers to learn due to many similar words and roots, given the languages’ shared Germanic origins. Stay encouraged, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself conversing more naturally and with greater confidence in this beautiful language. Veels geluk (good luck) on your language learning adventure!

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