Emergency Phrases in Galician

When traveling to a new country, knowing a few key phrases in the local language can be incredibly helpful, especially in emergency situations. Galician, the native language of the Galicia region in Spain, is rich and historical. While not as widely spoken as Spanish, understanding some basic emergency phrases in Galician can be crucial when traveling in Galicia. This article provides a guide to essential emergency phrases in Galician that every traveler should know.

1. Asking for Help

In any emergency, knowing how to call for help is fundamental. The phrase “Necesito axuda!” (I need help!) is direct and to the point. It immediately alerts others around you that you are in a situation requiring assistance.

If you find yourself lost, you can say “Estou perdido/a.” (I am lost.) This can be particularly useful when navigating the often winding and complex streets of Galician towns.

2. Medical Emergencies

Health-related emergencies require prompt communication. If you need a doctor, you should say “Preciso un médico!” (I need a doctor!). This phrase can be used in any medical emergency to quickly convey the need for professional health assistance.

In a scenario where you or someone else is feeling unwell, you might need to express that. You can say “Síntome mal.” (I feel sick.) It’s a simple way to communicate that you are not feeling well and might need medical attention.

3. When You Need the Police

There might be situations where you need to contact law enforcement. For such cases, the phrase “Chame á policía!” (Call the police!) is vital. It can be used in situations where you feel threatened or witness to a crime.

4. Fire Emergencies

In the unfortunate event of a fire, being able to alert others quickly is crucial. Saying “Hai un incendio!” (There is a fire!) can help in mobilizing immediate action from those around you or prompt them to call the fire services.

5. Expressing Urgency and Need for Immediate Assistance

Sometimes, you need to express that a situation is urgent. The phrase “É urxente!” (It’s urgent!) communicates the severity of the situation and the need for immediate response.

If you are in severe danger and need immediate assistance, you can say “Socorro!” This is the equivalent of shouting “Help!” in English and is universally understood as a distress call.

6. Describing the Type of Emergency

Being able to describe the type of emergency can be very helpful to responders. For example, if you witnessed an accident, you can say “Houbo un accidente.” (There has been an accident.) This gives a clear indication of what has happened and what kind of help might be required.

7. Requesting an Ambulance

In the event that you or someone else requires immediate medical transportation, knowing how to request an ambulance is important. The phrase to use is “Chame unha ambulancia!” (Call an ambulance!). It’s direct and communicates the need clearly and promptly.

8. Attracting Attention in Crowds

If you find yourself in a crowded place and need to attract attention quickly due to an emergency, shouting “Atención!” (Attention!) can help. Following this exclamation with your specific need can help gather assistance more quickly.


Traveling is an enriching experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to handling unexpected situations in unfamiliar territories. Knowing these essential emergency phrases in Galician can significantly ease the stress of handling such situations and ensure that you get the help you need promptly. Remember, in any emergency, staying calm and communicating clearly are just as important as the words you use. Keep these phrases handy; you never know when they might come in useful.

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