Construction and Building Terms in Galician

Learning a new language opens doors to understanding different cultures and industries. If you are interested in construction or planning to deal with building terms in Galician-speaking regions, mastering the relevant vocabulary is essential. This article will guide you through key construction and building terms in Galician, complete with phrases to help you apply these terms in real-life situations.

Basic Construction Terms

Obra (construction site) is a fundamental term you should know. It refers to the place where construction is being carried out.

Teño que visitar a obra mañá para supervisar o progreso.
(I have to visit the construction site tomorrow to supervise the progress.)

Construción (construction) is another essential term, referring to the process of building something.

A construción do novo edificio comezará en marzo.
(The construction of the new building will start in March.)

Building Materials

Ladrillo (brick) and cemento (cement) are common materials used in construction.

Usaremos ladrillos para as paredes exteriores.
(We will use bricks for the exterior walls.)

Madeira (wood) is often used for various purposes within construction.

A madeira será utilizada para o marco das portas.
(The wood will be used for the door frames.)

Tools and Equipment

Ferramentas (tools) are crucial in any construction project.

Precisamos comprar ferramentas novas para a obra.
(We need to buy new tools for the construction site.)

Grúa (crane) is a piece of equipment often seen on larger construction sites.

A grúa chegou hoxe para levantar os materiais pesados.
(The crane arrived today to lift the heavy materials.)

Professionals in Construction

Arquitecto (architect) and enxeñeiro (engineer) are key professionals in the field of construction.

O arquitecto revisará os planos mañá.
(The architect will review the plans tomorrow.)

Obreiro (worker) is a general term for someone who works on a construction site.

Os obreiros están a traballar duro para completar o proxecto a tempo.
(The workers are working hard to complete the project on time.)

Construction Phases

Fundación (foundation) is the first phase of construction.

Están a poñer a fundación para o novo edificio.
(They are laying the foundation for the new building.)

Acabado (finishing) refers to the final stages of construction.

Os acabados do interior levarán unha semana máis para completarse.
(The interior finishes will take one more week to complete.)

Safety on the Construction Site

Seguridade (safety) is paramount on any construction site.

A seguridade é a nosa prioridade durante a construción.
(Safety is our priority during construction.)

Casco (helmet) is a necessary piece of safety equipment.

Non esquezas levar o teu casco cando entres na obra.
(Do not forget to wear your helmet when you enter the construction site.)

Legal and Administrative Terms

Licenza de construción (building permit) is required before construction can begin.

Non podemos comezar a obra ata que teñamos a licenza de construción.
(We cannot start the construction until we have the building permit.)

Inspección (inspection) is a process that ensures all aspects of the construction meet legal standards.

A inspección está programada para o próximo xoves.
(The inspection is scheduled for next Thursday.)

Understanding and using these terms will not only help you communicate more effectively on a construction site but also enhance your technical vocabulary in Galician. Whether you are a professional in the industry or a language enthusiast, knowing construction-related terms is incredibly beneficial.

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