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Vocabulary for Event Planning and Celebrations in Korean

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Planning an event or celebration requires not just organizational skills but also a robust vocabulary to communicate your ideas and requirements effectively. When learning Korean, understanding specific terminology related to event planning can be incredibly valuable, whether you are organizing a small get-together or a large-scale celebration. Here is a list of essential Korean vocabulary that can help you navigate through the process of planning and celebrating an event.

행사 (haeng-sa) – Event
This word is used to describe any form of event or function.
우리 회사는 내일 큰 행사를 준비하고 있어요.
(Our company is preparing for a big event tomorrow.)

초대하다 (cho-dae-ha-da) – To invite
Used when you are inviting someone to an event or celebration.
이번 주말 파티에 친구들을 초대했어요.
(I invited friends to the party this weekend.)

장소 (jang-so) – Venue
Refers to the place or location where an event is held.
결혼식 장소를 예약해야 해요.
(We need to book the wedding venue.)

예약하다 (ye-yak-ha-da) – To reserve
This verb is used when making a reservation for venues or services.
레스토랑을 예약하다가 더 이상 자리가 없다고 하네요.
(I tried to reserve a restaurant but they said there are no more seats available.)

케이터링 (ke-i-teo-ring) – Catering
Refers to a service that provides food for events.
우리는 결혼식에 케이터링 서비스를 고용할 거예요.
(We are going to hire a catering service for our wedding.)

음식 (eum-sik) – Food
A general term used for all types of food served at an event.
파티 음식을 정말 맛있게 만들었어요.
(They made the party food very delicious.)

음료 (eum-ryo) – Beverage
This encompasses all types of drinks offered at an event.
음료는 냉장고에 준비해 두었어요.
(The beverages are prepared in the fridge.)

장식하다 (jang-sik-ha-da) – To decorate
Used when embellishing an event space with decorative items.
행사를 위해 회의실을 아름답게 장식할 거예요.
(We will beautifully decorate the conference room for the event.)

초대장 (cho-dae-jang) – Invitation
A card or a written request to invite someone to an event.
초대장은 이번 주 안에 모두 보낼 예정이에요.
(All invitations will be sent out within this week.)

선물 (seon-mul) – Gift
A present offered to someone during an event such as a birthday or wedding.
그녀의 생일파티에 선물을 가져가야 해요.
(I need to bring a gift to her birthday party.)

축하하다 (chuk-ha-ha-da) – To congratulate
Expressing good wishes in recognition of an achievement or special occasion.
새 직장을 얻은 것을 축하합니다!
(Congratulations on getting a new job!)

연회 (yeon-hoe) – Banquet
A formal feast or a meal held to commemorate a particular event.
우리는 결혼기념일을 위한 연회를 준비하고 있어요.
(We are preparing a banquet for our wedding anniversary.)

축제 (chuk-je) – Festival
A celebration or event focusing on a particular theme, often held annually.
이번 주말에 행사가 있는 거리 축제에 갈 계획이에요.
(I am planning to go to the street festival with the event this weekend.)

기념일 (gi-nyeom-il) – Anniversary
This term is used for annual celebrations or the marking of a significant date.
그들은 결혼 10주년 기념일을 축하했다.
(They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.)

By familiarizing yourself with these essential Korean vocabulary words, you can effectively plan and participate in events and celebrations confidently. Whether you are a visitor in Korea or simply want to host a Korean-style event elsewhere, these terms will be your guide in navigating the joyful world of gatherings and festivities.

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