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Urgent and Emergency Phrases in Portuguese

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When traveling to a Portuguese-speaking country, knowing some key phrases can be incredibly helpful, especially in urgent or emergency situations. Being equipped with the necessary vocabulary to communicate during these times can make a significant difference. Below is a list of crucial words and phrases you may need.

This is the word for “Help!” and is used in dire situations to attract immediate attention.
Estou perdido, socorro!

Meaning “Emergency,” this word is used to indicate any type of urgent crisis.
Isso é uma emergência, chame uma ambulância!

Preciso de ajuda.
This phrase translates to “I need help.” It’s useful when you’re in need of assistance.
Preciso de ajuda, meu carro quebrou.

Chame uma ambulância!
The phrase for “Call an ambulance!” is imperative to know if someone requires immediate medical attention.
Ele desmaiou, chame uma ambulância rapidamente!

Onde fica o hospital mais próximo?
This question means “Where is the nearest hospital?” Injuries or health concerns may necessitate a quick visit to the hospital.
Meu amigo está doente, onde fica o hospital mais próximo?

Estou perdido(a).
This means “I am lost,” and is crucial if you cannot find your way back.
Não consigo encontrar o hotel, estou perdido.

It means “Police,” which you might need to call in case of theft or if you feel unsafe.
Fui assaltado, preciso chamar a polícia.

This is the word for “Fire!” It is crucial to alert people around you if there is a fire hazard.
Fogo no prédio, saiam todos rapidamente!

Eu não me sinto bem.
Translates to “I don’t feel well.” Use this phrase if you’re feeling sick or unwell.
Eu não me sinto bem, acho que vou desmaiar.

É uma emergência.
The phrase for “It’s an emergency.” It communicates the severity of the situation.
Por favor, venha rápido, é uma emergência!

Temos uma situação de emergência.
Meaning “We have an emergency situation.” This can convey that there is an urgent issue affecting more than one person.
Temos uma situação de emergência, a área deve ser evacuada.

Estou em perigo.
This phrase, meaning “I am in danger,” tells others around you that your safety is at risk.
Estou em perigo, alguém está me seguindo.

Remember, in any emergency situation, staying calm is vital, and these phrases can help you get the aid you need. Moreover, practising the pronunciation before your trip will ensure your calls for help are understood clearly and quickly.

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