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Urgent and Emergency Phrases in Belarusian

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Traveling to Belarus or interacting with the Belarusian community requires some knowledge of critical phrases, especially those that can be used in urgent or emergency situations. Knowing these expressions can be lifesaving and will assist in communicating with local authorities and medical professionals quickly and effectively.

Дапамажыце! (DA-pa-ma-zhi-tse) – Help!

This exclamation is crucial in attracting immediate attention during an emergency.

Як шматлікі, дапамажыце мне, калі ласка!

Выклікаць хуткую дапамогу! (vy-KLİ-ka-ts’ HOOT-ku-yoo da-PA-mo-goo) – Call an ambulance!

Use this command when there is a medical emergency and you need an ambulance to come to the scene.

Чалавек упаў, выклікаць хуткую дапамогу!

Гэта тэрмінова! (HE-ta ter-MI-no-va) – It’s urgent!

This phrase is used to convey the urgency of a situation.

Патэлефануйце ў поліцыю, гэта тэрмінова!

Дзе бліжэйшы шпіталь? (Dze bli-ZHEY-shy sh-pi-TAL?) – Where is the nearest hospital?

If you need to get to a hospital quickly, this question could guide you or the person assisting you effectively.

Мне пагана, дзе бліжэйшы шпіталь?

Страціўся! (stra-TSIU-sya) – I am lost!

When you have lost your way, this phrase can help others understand that you need assistance to find your direction.

Дапамажыце мне, калі ласка, я страціўся.

Пажар! (pa-ZHAR) – Fire!

Use this word to alert people around you in the case of a fire emergency.

Хутчэй, там пажар!

У мяне ёсць алергія. (U MYA-ne YOS-ts’ a-ler-GI-ya) – I have an allergy.

Crucial to communicate in case you’re experiencing an allergic reaction and need to avoid specific treatments or require special medication.

Не давайце мне арахіс, у мяне ёсць алергія.

Я не пачуваюся добра. (Ya ne pa-chu-VAY-us-ya DO-bra) – I don’t feel well.

Explaining that you are not feeling well can be the first step in getting help when you’re sick.

Дапамажыце, калі ласка, я не пачуваюся добра.

Мне трэба дактара! (Mne TRE-ba DAK-ta-ra!) – I need a doctor!

Say this when you need medical attention immediately.

Дзе тут можна знайсці дактара? Мне трэба дактара!

Затрымаць злачынцу! (za-try-MA-ts’ zla-CHYN-tsu) – Stop the thief!

This is shouted to alert others of a theft and to apprehend the perpetrator.

Хтосьці ўкраў мой гаманец, затрымаць злачынцу!

Understanding these urgent and emergency phrases in Belarusian will not only prepare you to respond appropriately to unexpected situations but will also help ensure your safety and the wellbeing of others around you. Learning this vital terminology will give you peace of mind when traveling or residing in Belarusian-speaking regions.

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