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Time, Calendar and Date Phrases in Belarusian

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Learning a new language can be an adventure, and one of the essential parts of that journey is mastering how to communicate about time. Whether you’re scheduling a meeting, making travel arrangements, or simply discussing your daily routine, knowing how to express dates, times, and calendar terms is vital. Today, we will dive into time, calendar, and date phrases in Belarusian, along with useful vocabulary to enhance your conversational skills in this beautiful East Slavic language.

Час (Chas)
Definition: Hour; time
This word refers to both the specific hour on the clock and the general concept of time.
Якая зараз гадзіна? — What time is it now?

Хвіліна (Khvilina)
Definition: Minute
A unit of time equal to sixty seconds.
Пачакай хвілінку, калі ласка. — Wait a minute, please.

Секунда (Sekunda)
Definition: Second
The smallest standard scientific unit of time.
За секунду да зустрэчы з астатнімі. — One second before meeting with the others.

Дзень (Dzen’)
Definition: Day
A unit of time corresponding to a period from sunrise to sunset.
Сёння прыгожы дзень. — Today is a beautiful day.

Тыдзень (Tydzien’)
Definition: Week
A time period of seven days.
На наступным тыдні маю шмат работы. — I have a lot of work next week.

Месяц (Mesyats)
Definition: Month
Each of the twelve divisions of the calendar year.
Мой дзень нараджэння ў траўні. — My birthday is in May.

Год (Hod)
Definition: Year
A period of twelve months starting from January 1st to December 31st according to the Gregorian calendar.
Мы вучым беларускую ўжо два гады. — We have been learning Belarusian for two years.

Дата (Data)
Definition: Date
The designated day of the month.
Якая сёння дата? — What is the date today?

Ўчора (Uchora)
Definition: Yesterday
The day before today.
Ўчора я прачытаў цікавую кнігу. — Yesterday I read an interesting book.

Сёння (Syonnya)
Definition: Today
The current day.
Што ты робіш сёння ўвечары? — What are you doing tonight?

Заўтра (Zautra)
Definition: Tomorrow
The day after today.
Заўтра ідзем у кіно. — Tomorrow we are going to the cinema.

Дні тыдня (Dni tydnya)
Definition: Days of the week
У аўторак у мяне дзень валодарыня. — On Tuesday, I have my birthday.

Here is a brief rundown of the days of the week in Belarusian:

Панядзелак (Panyadelak) – Monday
Аўторак (Awtorak) – Tuesday
Серада (Serada) – Wednesday
Чацвер (Chatsver) – Thursday
Пятніца (Pyatnitsa) – Friday
Субота (Subota) – Saturday
Нядзеля (Nyadzelya) – Sunday

Месяцы года (Mesyatsy hoda)
Definition: Months of the year
Калі лепш падарожнічаць у Беларусі? — When is it best to travel to Belarus?

The months of the year in Belarusian are:

Студзень (Studzen’) – January
Люты (Lyuty) – February
Сакавік (Sakavik) – March
Красавік (Krasavik) – April
Травень (Traven’) – May
Чэрвень (Cherven’) – June
Ліпень (Lipen’) – July
Жнівень (Zhniven’) – August
Верасень (Verasen’) – September
Кастрычнік (Kastrychnik) – October
Лістапад (Listapad) – November
Снежань (Snezan’) – December

In conclusion, understanding time, calendar, and date phrases in Belarusian is an important step toward fluency. With this knowledge, you can plan events, share memories, and engage in everyday conversations seamlessly. Keep practicing, and do not hesitate to fill your language toolkit with these fundamental phrases to have the best possible experience while communicating in Belarusian.

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