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Technology-Related Vocabulary in Afrikaans

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As technology becomes an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, it is essential to stay updated with the related vocabulary, especially if you’re learning a new language like Afrikaans. Here is a selection of technology-related vocabulary in Afrikaans with definitions and examples to enhance your linguistic repertoire.

This is the Afrikaans word for “computer,” an electronic device for storing and processing data.
Ek het ‘n nuwe rekenaar gekoop wat vinniger is as die oue.
(I bought a new computer that is faster than the old one.)

“Slimfoon” is the term for “smartphone,” a mobile phone that incorporates a computing device’s features.
My slimfoon het ‘n goeie kamera en ek gebruik dit om foto’s te neem.
(My smartphone has a good camera, and I use it to take pictures.)

Just like in English, “tablet” refers to a touch screen device that is sized between a smartphone and a computer.
Ek gebruik my tablet om e-boeke te lees en notas te maak.
(I use my tablet to read e-books and take notes.)

“Internet” is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate.
Die internet is nie vandag beskikbaar nie weens tegniese probleme.
(The internet is not available today due to technical issues.)

The term “Wi-Fi” is the same in Afrikaans, referring to a technology for wireless local area networking.
Ons het gratis Wi-Fi by die koffiewinkel.
(We have free Wi-Fi at the coffee shop.)

A “webwerf” refers to a website; a set of related web pages located under a single domain name.
Ek het ‘n interessante artikel op daardie webwerf gevind.
(I found an interesting article on that website.)

Laai af
This means “download,” the act of receiving data over the Internet.
Ek gaan die dokument af laai sodra ek tuis is.
(I will download the document as soon as I get home.)

Conversely, “oplaai” means “upload,” which is to send data from your computer to a network or to another device.
Ek moet die video oplaai na my wolkberging.
(I need to upload the video to my cloud storage.)

“Sagteware” is the Afrikaans term for “software,” the programs and other operating information used by a computer.
Is die nuutste weergawe van die sagteware al beskikbaar?
(Is the latest version of the software already available?)

This translates to “application” or “app,” a piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose.
Ek het ‘n baie handige weervoorspelling toepassing op my slimfoon.
(I have a very handy weather forecast application on my smartphone.)

The term “teks” in Afrikaans is the equivalent of “text” referring to written words displayed on a screen.
Stuur asseblief die teks wat jy wil hê ek moet gebruik.
(Please send the text you want me to use.)

Just like in English, “data” refers to facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
Ek moet seker maak ek het genoeg data om hierdie maand te gebruik.
(I need to make sure I have enough data to use this month.)

By familiarizing yourself with these Afrikaans terms, you can confidently navigate the digital world and engage in conversations about technology in Afrikaans-speaking communities. Remember, language learning is immensely enriched by immersing yourself in the vocabulary of the day-to-day interests and activities of native speakers.

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