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Swedish words for different sports and fitness activities

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Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and one fun way to expand your vocabulary is by exploring words related to sports and fitness activities. Sweden is a country known for its love of sport and an active lifestyle, so learning how to talk about these activities in Swedish can be particularly useful. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in Swedish culture, let’s dive into some essential Swedish words for different sports and fitness activities.

Fotboll – Football (Soccer)
Fotboll is the word for what most of the world refers to as football, or soccer in North America. It’s the most popular sport in Sweden, both to play and to watch.
Min son spelar fotboll i den lokala fotbollsklubben.

Innebandy – Floorball
Innebandy is a type of floor hockey that is very popular in Sweden. It’s played indoors with plastic sticks and a lightweight ball.
Jag köpte just ett nytt innebandyklubba för matchen på lördag.

Löpning – Running
Löpning is simply the act of running, a favorite fitness activity among Swedes which can be enjoyed outdoors in nature or on a treadmill.
Jag går upp tidigt på morgonen för en löpning runt sjön.

Simning – Swimming
Simning refers to the act of swimming, whether for fitness, competition, or leisure. Sweden offers numerous indoor and outdoor pools as well as natural swimming spots.
Simning är bra för konditionen och mycket skonsamt för lederna.

Gym – Gym
Att gå till gymmet is the action of going to the gym. For many, the gym is the primary place to exercise and stay fit.
Jag möter min vän på gymmet för en träningspass.

Yoga – Yoga
Yoga has become increasingly popular and the Swedish term is the same as in English. Sessions can vary from gentler forms to more demanding types.
Yoga förbättrar flexibilitet och är avslappnande för sinnet.

Aerobics – Aerobics
Aerobics or aerobicsträning is a form of exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines.
Jag anmälde mig till ett aerobics klass för att förbättra min uthållighet.

Kampsport – Martial Arts
Kampsport is the term for martial arts. It covers a variety of disciplines, including karate, judo, and taekwondo, practiced both as sports and for self-defense.
Min dotter tränar kampsport två gånger i veckan.

Skidåkning – Skiing
Skidåkning refers to the popular winter activity of skiing. Sweden, with its snowy winters and numerous ski resorts, is a great place for skiing enthusiasts.
Skidåkning i de svenska fjällen är en fantastisk upplevelse.

Frisbee – Frisbee
The word frisbee in Swedish is the same as in English and refers to the flying disc used in various games and sports.
I somras spelade vi frisbee nästan varje dag i parken.

Hästskridskoning – Horse Riding
Hästskridskoning is the term for horse riding. This sport and recreational activity involves riding horses and is quite popular in rural Sweden.
Min syster älskar hästskridskoning och rider varje helg.

Styrketräning – Strength Training
Styrketräning involves exercises designed to improve strength and endurance. It’s often performed with weights and other resistance-based equipment.
Jag lägger till mer styrketräning i mitt veckoschema för att bygga muskler.

These Swedish terms will help you communicate effectively in a variety of sports and fitness contexts, from discussing your favorite activities to understanding what’s on offer at your local gym. Knowing these words can enhance your language skills and your enjoyment of the active Swedish culture. Now, don’t forget to lace up your sneakers or grab your gym bag – it’s time to start talking and participating in sports på svenska!

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