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Swedish vocabulary for different hobbies

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Learning a new language can be both challenging and exciting, especially when it comes to expressing your interests and talking about your hobbies. If you’re learning Swedish and have a desire to discuss what you love doing in your spare time, knowing the right vocabulary is essential. Here’s a list of Swedish words for various hobbies, complete with definitions and example sentences to help you incorporate them into your everyday conversation.

Fotografering – Photography
Photography is not only a popular hobby but also an art form and a way to capture memories.
Jag älskar fotografering, speciellt landskap.

Målning – Painting
Painting can refer to the act of painting as well as the finished piece of artwork.
Jag går på målningskurser på helgerna.

Fiske – Fishing
Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by those who love the outdoors and the tranquility of nature.
Han köpte en ny fiskespö för sitt fiskeäventyr.

Trädgårdsarbete – Gardening
Gardening includes growing flowers, vegetables, and maintaining outdoor spaces.
Min mor spenderar timmar med trädgårdsarbete varje dag.

Vandring – Hiking
Hiking is a hobby that involves long walks in nature, often on trails or in the mountains.
Nästa helg ska vi gå på en lång vandring i skogen.

Stickning – Knitting
Knitting is the craft of creating fabric items from wool or yarn with needles.
Min farmor lärde mig stickning när jag var ung.

Klättring – Climbing
Climbing is an adventurous activity that involves scaling walls, rocks, or mountains.
Klättring har blivit en mycket populär hobby bland äventyrsökare.

Dans – Dancing
Dancing is a form of expression through movement and rhythm, a hobby enjoyed by many.
Varje torsdag går jag på danslektioner.

Lagning – Sewing
Sewing involves stitching materials together to create or repair clothing and other fabric items.
Min moster är mycket skicklig på lagning och gör sina egna kläder.

Bakning – Baking
Baking is the process of cooking food by dry heat, especially in an oven, a hobby enjoyed by those who love treats.
Under julhelgen ägnar jag mig alltid åt bakning.

Dykning – Diving
Diving allows individuals to explore underwater environments, either recreationally or professionally.
På sommaren åker jag ofta på dykning med vänner.

Brädspel – Board games
Board games are tabletop games that involve counters or pieces moved on a pre-marked surface according to a set of rules.
Fredagskvällar är till för att spela brädspel med familjen.

Matlagning – Cooking
Cooking is the practice of preparing food, often combining ingredients to create meals.
Min bror har tagit upp matlagning som hobby, och hans rätter är utsökta!

Skådespel – Acting
Acting is the art of performing in plays, movies, or television shows.
Hon går på en amatörteatergrupp och älskar skådespel.

Skrivande – Writing
Writing encompasses the creation of text, such as fiction, poetry, or non-fiction.
Skrivande är en viktig del av mitt liv, jag skriver dagbok varje kväll.

Cykling – Cycling
Cycling is an activity that involves riding bicycles for fun, fitness, or transportation.
På helgen tar jag alltid en lång cykeltur på landet.

Yoga – Yoga
Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices aimed at achieving tranquility and physical fitness.
Jag börjar varje morgon med en halvtimmes yoga för att hitta mitt inre lugn.

Incorporating these hobbies into your vocabulary will enable you to more vividly describe how you spend your leisure time in Swedish, potentially make new friends who share your interests, and help you engage more deeply with the language. So, whether it’s fotografering or matlagning, go forth and share your passions på svenska!

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