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Sports Related Vocabulary in Portuguese

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Learning a new language opens up a whole world of possibilities and is an exciting journey into a different culture. If you’re a sports enthusiast planning to visit a Portuguese-speaking country, or just want to enhance your vocabulary around your favorite pastime, this list of sports-related vocabulary in Portuguese will be a game-changer. Whether you are watching a game or trying to engage in sports talk, these essential Portuguese words and phrases will help you feel more confident.

Sport in English, esporte is a generic term used to refer to any physical activity or game.
Ele pratica muitos esportes, mas o futebol é o seu favorito.

Team in English, time is used to talk about a group of players working together in a sport.
O time de basquete ganhou o campeonato ontem à noite.

Player in English, jugador (masculine) and jugadora (feminine) refer to an individual who participates in sports games.
O jogador de vôlei fez um saque incrível.

Game or match in English, partida refers to an instance of competition in sports.
A próxima partida será contra o time rival.

Goal in English, used in various sports like soccer (futebol) to indicate a point scored.
O atacante marcou um gol nos últimos minutos do jogo.

Championship or league in English, campeonato refers to a series of sports contests for a title.
Eles estão liderando o campeonato com folga este ano.

Referee or umpire in English, arbitro (masculine) and arbitra (feminine) are the officials in charge of enforcing the rules during the game.
O árbitro apitou o fim do jogo.

Tie or draw in English, empate is the result of a game where the scores are equal.
O jogo terminou em um empate de 2 a 2.

Coach or trainer in English, treinador (masculine) and treinadora (feminine) are responsible for training and directing the team or athlete.
A treinadora está planejando novas estratégias para a equipe.

Stadium in English, estádio is where sports events take place, usually a large structure with a field surrounded by seating.
O estádio estava lotado para o clássico de hoje.

Fans or supporters in English, torcida describes the group of people who enthusiastically support a team or player.
A torcida vibrou quando o time fez o gol de empate.

Gym or fitness center in English, academia is a place equipped for physical exercise and training.
Ele vai à academia todas as noites para levantar pesos.

Medal in English, medalha is awarded to winners or high achievers in sports competitions.
O nadador ganhou a medalha de ouro nos 100 metros estilo livre.

Rules in English, regras are the guidelines and principles that govern how a sport is played.
É importante conhecer as regras do esporte antes de começar a jogar.

Podium in English, pódio is the platform where winners are awarded their medals.
Os atletas subiram no pódio para receber suas medalhas.

Having these essential sports-related words in your vocabulary will not only enhance your understanding of the game but will also allow you to connect with other sports enthusiasts as you revel in the competitive spirit and universal language of sports. Whether you’re conversing with friends or cheering on your favorite team, these Portuguese terms will have you sounding like a local in no time. Boa sorte (good luck), and enjoy the game!

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