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Sports and Athletics Vocabulary in Russian

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When learning Russian, one of the most exciting ways to expand your vocabulary and immerse yourself in the culture is through sports and athletics. Here are some essential words that will help you discuss various activities and events with Russian-speaking sports enthusiasts.

Футбол (Futbol) – Soccer/Football
Soccer, known as football outside of North America, is one of the most popular sports in the world, including in Russia.
Мой любимый вид спорта – это футбол.

Баскетбол (Basketbol) – Basketball
Basketball has gained popularity in Russia, and several Russian players have made a name for themselves internationally.
Вы играете в баскетбол каждую субботу?

Хоккей (Khokkey) – Hockey
Given the cold climate of much of Russia, it’s no surprise that hockey is a favorite pastime.
Россия известна своими хоккейными командами.

Теннис (Tennis) – Tennis
Tennis is both a recreational and competitive sport in Russia, with many courts available for public use.
Она учится играть в теннис этим летом.

Плавание (Plavanie) – Swimming
Swimming is a popular activity, especially in the summer, and there are many indoor and outdoor pools in Russia.
Плавание хорошо подходит для поддержания формы.

Лёгкая атлетика (Lyogkaya atletika) – Athletics/Track and Field
Athletics includes a wide range of sports, such as running, jumping, and throwing events.
Лёгкая атлетика требует высокой выносливости и силы.

Фигурное катание (Figurnoe kataniye) – Figure Skating
Figure skating is a prestigious and traditional sport in Russia, with many champions hailing from the country.
Зимой я люблю смотреть соревнования по фигурному катанию.

Бокс (Boks) – Boxing
Boxing is a combat sport that has produced many renowned fighters from Russia.
Бокс считается одним из самых сложных видов спорта.

Гимнастика (Gimnastika) – Gymnastics
Gymnastics is highly respected in Russia, with a history of success in the sport at the Olympic Games.
Многие российские гимнасты завоёвывают золотые медали.

Лыжный спорт (Lyzhnyy sport) – Skiing
Skiing is a winter sport enjoyed by many in Russia, from cross-country to downhill skiing.
Лыжный спорт очень популярен в горных районах России.

Сноуборд (Snoubord) – Snowboarding
Snowboarding is another winter sport that has been gaining traction among the younger generation.
Зимой мы часто ездим на сноуборде.

Велоспорт (Velosport) – Cycling
Cycling, both as a leisure activity and a competitive sport, can be seen throughout Russia.
Велоспорт хорош для здоровья и окружающей среды.

Борьба (Bor’ba) – Wrestling
Wrestling is a traditional sport in Russia, with a strong pedigree in both freestyle and Greco-Roman styles.
Борьба требует отличной физической подготовки.

Волейбол (Voleybol) – Volleyball
Both beach and indoor volleyball are played in Russia, with a notable presence on the international stage.
Мы собираемся сыграть в волейбол на пляже.

These are just a few words to get you started with sports and athletics vocabulary in Russian. As you delve into conversations about your favorite sports, these terms will come in handy and help you connect with fellow fans. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be able to discuss game results, favorite players, and sports tactics with ease in Russian!

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