Spanish Words for Jobs and Professions

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities, and understanding words related to jobs and professions is incredibly useful, whether you’re networking, job-seeking, or simply discussing day-to-day life. In Spanish, like in any language, knowing the terminology for various occupations can help you connect with others and provide context in conversations. Here are some common Spanish words for jobs and professions, complete with definitions and example sentences.

Doctor (male/female)
Mi hermana trabaja en el hospital como médica.
(My sister works at the hospital as a doctor.)

Engineer (male/female)
El ingeniero está diseñando un nuevo puente para la ciudad.
(The engineer is designing a new bridge for the city.)

Lawyer (male/female)
El abogado presentó todas las pruebas necesarias en el juicio.
(The lawyer presented all the necessary evidence at the trial.)

Teacher (male/female)
La profesora de matemáticas es muy paciente con sus estudiantes.
(The math teacher is very patient with her students.)

Cook/Chef (male/female)
El cocinero prepara platos deliciosos en este restaurante.
(The chef prepares delicious dishes at this restaurant.)

Nurse (male/female)
Mi madre es enfermera y trabaja cuidando a pacientes en el hospital.
(My mother is a nurse and works caring for patients in the hospital.)

Police officer (gender-neutral)
La policía detuvo el tráfico para ayudar a cruzar a los niños.
(The police officer stopped traffic to help the children cross.)

Architect (male/female)
El arquitecto presentó el diseño para el nuevo edificio del ayuntamiento.
(The architect presented the design for the new city hall building.)

Journalist (gender-neutral)
La periodista está investigando para su próximo artículo sobre políticas ambientales.
(The journalist is researching for her next article on environmental policies.)

Mechanic (male/female)
El mecánico arregló el motor de mi coche en una hora.
(The mechanic fixed my car’s engine in an hour.)

El empresario lanzó una nueva línea de productos ecológicos.
(The businessman launched a new line of eco-friendly products.)

Accountant (male/female)
La contadora está revisando los informes financieros del último trimestre.
(The accountant is reviewing the financial reports for the last quarter.)

Firefighter (male/female)
El bombero rescató a los animales del incendio.
(The firefighter rescued the animals from the fire.)

Translator (male/female)
La traductora está trabajando en la versión en francés del documento.
(The translator is working on the French version of the document.)

El vendedor ofreció una gran oferta en el último modelo de teléfono.
(The salesman offered a great deal on the latest phone model.)

These Spanish terms for various professions are the foundation for discussing work-related topics. As you continue your language journey, incorporating these into your growing vocabulary will enhance your ability to communicate effectively in Spanish about jobs and the professional world.

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