Spanish Words for Family and Relationships

Learning Spanish involves not just grammar and pronunciation, but also a wealth of vocabulary. Today we’re focusing on words relating to family and relationships, which are at the heart of everyday communication. Here are some essential Spanish terms you should know:

Familia – Family
This is the general term for family, an essential part of most people’s lives.
Mi familia es muy grande y todos vivimos cerca.

Padre – Father
The word for father, a male parent.
Mi padre es mi héroe personal.

Madre – Mother
This word is used for mother, a female parent.
La madre de Luís cocina los mejores tamales.

Hijo – Son
Refers to a son, a male child.
Su hijo acaba de empezar la escuela.

Hija – Daughter
The Spanish word for daughter, a female child.
Ella es mi hija, la menor de tres.

Hermano – Brother
The male sibling is known as a brother.
Mi hermano y yo vamos al mismo colegio.

Hermana – Sister
The term for sister, a female sibling.
Mi hermana es también mi mejor amiga.

Abuelo – Grandfather
The father of one’s father or mother; grandfather.
Nuestro abuelo vive en el campo.

Abuela – Grandmother
The mother of someone’s mother or father; grandmother.
La abuela nos preparó galletas.

Tío – Uncle
A brother of one’s mother or father or the husband of one’s aunt; uncle.
Mi tío es piloto de aviones.

Tía – Aunt
A sister of one’s mother or father or the wife of one’s uncle; aunt.
Mi tía trabaja en una universidad.

Primo – Cousin (male)
This word is used for a male cousin.
Mi primo viene a visitarnos esta Navidad.

Prima – Cousin (female)
The term for a female cousin.
Tengo una prima que vive en España.

Sobrino – Nephew
A son of one’s sibling or sibling-in-law; nephew.
El sobrino de Marcia es muy gracioso.

Sobrina – Niece
A daughter of one’s sibling or sibling-in-law; niece.
Mi sobrina es la pequeña de la familia.

Esposo – Husband
The term for a married man in relation to his spouse; husband.
Su esposo es siempre muy cordial.

Esposa – Wife
Refers to the married woman in relation to her spouse; wife.
Mi esposa es doctora.

Novio – Boyfriend
This term is used for a boyfriend or fiancé.
Su novio la llevó a cenar por su cumpleaños.

Novia – Girlfriend
The word for girlfriend or fiancée.
Alberto presentó a su novia a la familia.

Amigo – Friend (male)
A platonic relationship, typically with a person of the male gender; friend.
Voy al cine con un amigo esta tarde.

Amiga – Friend (female)
A non-romantic relationship with a person of the female gender; friend.
Mi mejor amiga se llama Ana.

Remember, when learning these words, it’s essential to understand the context in which they’re used and to practice them in real-life scenarios. This vocabulary will open up new avenues for conversation and help you connect with Spanish-speaking friends, acquaintances, and family members on a much deeper level. ¡Buena suerte con tu aprendizaje!

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