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Spanish Vocabulary for the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

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The beauty and cosmetics industry is an ever-growing field, and for those interested in this area, learning the specific Spanish vocabulary can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you’re a beauty professional looking to expand your market, a student of cosmetology, or just a beauty enthusiast, knowing how to communicate within this industry is essential. In this article, we’ll explore key Spanish terms used in the beauty and cosmetics industry, complete with definitions and sample sentences to help you integrate them into your day-to-day conversations.

Maquillaje means makeup in English. It refers to products that enhance facial features and cover imperfections.
Me encanta aprender nuevas técnicas de maquillaje.

Base de maquillaje
This translates to foundation, and refers to the cosmetic product used as a base on the skin before applying other makeup.
Necesito una base de maquillaje que combine con mi tono de piel.

Sombras de ojos
This term means eye shadow in English; these are colored cosmetics applied on the eyelids.
Hoy voy a usar sombras de ojos en tonos marrones.

Rímel is the Spanish word for mascara, a cosmetic for darkening and thickening the eyelashes.
Se me olvidó ponerme rímel esta mañana.

Lápiz labial
Lápiz labial translates to lipstick. This product adds color and texture to the lips.
Voy a comprar un nuevo lápiz labial rojo para la fiesta.

This is the eyeliner in English, which is used to define the eyes.
Me gusta usar delineador negro para resaltar mis ojos.

Crema hidratante
Crema hidratante means moisturizer. It’s a cream that hydrates and softens the skin.
Es importante usar crema hidratante todos los días.

Esmalte de uñas
Esmalte de uñas is nail polish, a lacquer applied to the fingernails or toenails.
Voy a elegir un esmalte de uñas que combine con mi vestido.

Also known as blusher or blush, colorete is used to add a pink or red tint to the cheeks.
Un poco de colorete te dará un aspecto saludable.

Demaquillante is makeup remover, a product that cleanses the skin from makeup.
Siempre me lavo la cara con demaquillante antes de ir a dormir.

Tratamiento facial
Tratamiento facial refers to a facial treatment, which are procedures to enhance the skin’s appearance.
Me gustaría reservar un tratamiento facial para el próximo fin de semana.

Mascarilla can either refer to a face mask or a hair mask in the context of beauty treatments.
Me aplico una mascarilla hidratante en el cabello una vez a la semana.

Sérum or serum in English is a skincare product with a high concentration of active ingredients.
He incluido un sérum antioxidante en mi rutina nocturna.

Exfoliante means exfoliant, used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.
Usar un exfoliante una vez a la semana ayuda a mantener la piel suave.

An esthetician in English, an esteticista is a professional trained in skin care and beauty treatments.
Mi esteticista me recomendó cambiar mi rutina de cuidado de piel.

Salón de belleza
Salón de belleza translates to beauty salon, a place where beauty treatments are provided.
Tengo una cita en el salón de belleza para cortarme el cabello.

By incorporating these Spanish vocabulary words into your language repertoire, you’ll not only expand your linguistic skills but also enhance your ability to engage and connect within the beauty and cosmetics industry. Learning the specific lingo of any field is a doorway to new opportunities and a means of communicating your passion and expertise.

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