Spanish Vocabulary for Shopping and Retail

Shopping in a Spanish-speaking country can be a delightful experience, especially if you’re equipped with the right vocabulary to navigate through markets, malls, and stores. Below is a selection of words and phrases that will help you communicate more effectively while shopping in Spanish.

Tienda – Store
A place where you can buy goods or services.
¿Dónde está la tienda de ropa más cercana?

Centro comercial – Shopping mall
A large indoor shopping center with various stores and entertainment options.
Vamos al centro comercial a buscar regalos de Navidad.

Supermercado – Supermarket
A large self-service store offering a wide variety of food, beverages, and household products.
Necesito ir al supermercado para comprar la cena de esta noche.

Mercado – Market
An area in which commercial dealings are conducted, often outdoor or in special buildings.
El mercado local tiene las frutas y verduras más frescas.

Precio – Price
The amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something.
¿Cuál es el precio de este libro?

Rebaja – Sale
A period during which a retailer sells goods at lower prices than usual.
Compré estas zapatillas en rebaja a un precio increíble.

Descuento – Discount
A deduction from the usual cost of something.
Con la tarjeta de cliente, tienes un 10% de descuento.

Oferta – Offer, special offer
An amount of a product put on sale at a reduced price.
Esta semana hay una oferta especial en electrónicos.

Caja – Cash register, checkout
Where customers pay for their merchandise.
Por favor, ve a la caja para abonar estos productos.

Recibo – Receipt
A piece of paper that confirms the payment of goods or services.
Guárdame el recibo por si necesito hacer una devolución.

Tarjeta de crédito – Credit card
A card issued by a bank allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit.
¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?

Efectivo – Cash
Money in the form of coins and banknotes.
Prefiero pagar en efectivo en la tienda de artesanías.

Probar – To try on (clothing), to taste (food)
To wear something to see if it fits or to taste something to see if it’s to one’s liking.
Me gustaría probar estos pantalones en una talla más grande.

Talla – Size (clothing)
The dimensions or proportions of a garment.
¿Tienes esta camisa en otra talla?

Vendedor – Seller
A person who sells something.
El vendedor fue muy amable y me ayudó a encontrar lo que buscaba.

Cliente – Customer
A person buying goods or services from a shop or business.
Los clientes parecen satisfechos con los nuevos productos.

Carrito – Shopping cart
A wheeled vehicle, typically used in supermarkets and large stores.
Ponemos nuestras compras en el carrito para transportarlas más fácilmente.

Cesta – Basket
An open container used to carry items, often made of wire or plastic in a shopping context.
Llevé una cesta para poner los productos que iba a comprar.

With these words and phrases in your Spanish toolkit, you’ll find shopping an easier and more enjoyable experience while immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment. Happy shopping or, as you’d say in Spanish, ¡felices compras!

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