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Spanish Phrases for Love and Romance

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Learning a new language opens the door to a different culture and its intricacies. When it comes to Spanish, understanding expressions of love and romance isn’t just about the words themselves, but the passion and emotion they convey. Here is a list of Spanish phrases for love and romance that you can use to express your feelings to someone special or simply to understand Spanish-speaking romantic culture better.

Te quiero
“Te quiero” translates to “I love you” in English and is frequently used among close friends and family members, as well as romantic partners. It conveys a strong affection for someone.

Cuando te veo, no puedo evitar sonreír porque te quiero mucho.

Te amo
“Te amo” means “I love you” but is considered to be stronger and more intimate than “Te quiero”. It’s reserved for serious romantic love.

Nunca he sentido esto antes, pero te amo con todo mi corazón.

Mi amor
Literally translating to “my love,” this term is an affectionate way to refer to a significant other.

Hola, mi amor. ¿Cómo estuvo tu día?

“Corazón” means “heart,” but just like in English, it can be a term of endearment equivalent to “sweetheart.”

No te preocupes, corazón, yo me encargaré de todo.

This word means “affection” and is often used as a noun similarly to “dear” or “darling.”

Gracias por estar aquí, cariño; tu apoyo significa mucho para mí.

“Besarte” means “to kiss you,” an action phrase that might be whispered in those intimate moments.

Todo lo que puedo pensar es en besarte bajo las estrellas.

“Abrazarte” translates to “to hug you,” signifying the longing to hold someone close.

Después de un día largo, sólo quiero abrazarte y olvidar todo lo demás.

Mi vida
Meaning “my life,” this phrase is an endearing way to tell someone that they are everything to you.

Sin ti, mi vida, no sé qué haría.

Te extraño
“Te extraño” means “I miss you.” It’s a poignant expression of the feeling of absence when someone you care about is not around.

Solo han pasado unas horas, pero ya te extraño.

Eres mi todo
“You are my everything” is the meaning behind “Eres mi todo,” showing a deep level of commitment and affection.

Eres mi todo, y sin ti, nada tiene sentido.

Estoy enamorado/enamorada de ti
This phrase translates to “I am in love with you,” with “enamorado” being used by males and “enamorada” by females to reflect gender.

Quiero que sepas que estoy enamorado de ti más que de nadie en este mundo.

Alma gemela
Your “soulmate” or “other half” is referred to as “alma gemela,” emphasizing a deep and destined emotional connection.

Creo que eres mi alma gemela; simplemente estamos hechos el uno para el otro.

“Bello” means “beautiful” for men, and “Bella” for women. These adjectives are often used to compliment someone’s appearance or character.

Cada vez que te veo, me recuerdo de lo bella que eres, tanto por dentro como por fuera.

Learning these Spanish phrases for love and romance can not only enrich your vocabulary but also help you articulate your feelings with the same intensity and warmth as native speakers. Whether you’re wooing someone, cementing your feelings, or just exploring the language of love, these expressions will serve as valuable tools in your language-learning journey.

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