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Seasonal Vocabulary in Armenian

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Learning a new language is always an exciting adventure, and one of the fun parts is expanding your vocabulary with words that correspond to different seasons. In Armenian, as with many other languages, there are specific words that are used to describe the weather, holidays, and activities associated with each season. Understanding these seasonal terms not only enhances your vocabulary but also provides insight into the culture and traditions of Armenia. Here we will explore some seasonal vocabulary in Armenian and their definitions.

Գարուն (Garun)
Spring in Armenian is called ‘Garun’. It denotes the season of rebirth and renewal.
Գարունը շատ գեղեցիկ է։ (Garuny shat geghetsik e.) – Spring is very beautiful.

Ծաղիկ (Tsaghik)
‘Ծաղիկ’ means flower, symbolizing the beautiful blossoms that appear in the Armenian spring.
Ծաղիկները բացվում են գարունը։ (Tsaghiknery bats’vum en garuny.) – The flowers bloom in the spring.

Ամառ (Amar)
Summer in Armenian is called ‘Amar’. It often brings to mind images of sunny days and warm weather.
Ամառը շատ տաք է Հայաստանում։ (Amary shat tak e Hayastanum.) – The summer is very hot in Armenia.

Ճաշակ (Chashak)
‘Ճաշակ’ translates to taste or flavor, and often refers to the delicious fruits and vegetables that are available during the Armenian summer.
Ամառվա ճաշակը հիանալի է։ (Amarva chashaky hianali e.) – The taste of summer is wonderful.

Աշուն (Ashun)
Autumn or fall is referred to as ‘Ashun’ in Armenian, a time for harvest and colorful leaves.
Աշունը գույների շքեր է: (Ashuny guynery shker e.) – Autumn is a shower of colors.

Հյուսիս (Hyusis)
‘Հյուսիս’, meaning north, often refers to the cool, northern winds that start blowing during the autumn months.
Աշունը հյուսիս է բերում։ (Ashuny hyusis e berum.) – Autumn brings the north wind.

Ձմեռ (Dzmer)
Winter is ‘Ձմեռ’ in Armenian, the season of snow and cold temperatures.
Ձմեռը սառը է, բայց գեղեցիկ։ (Dzmery sar e, bayts geghetsik.) – Winter is cold, but beautiful.

Ձյուն (Dyun)
This word means snow, which is very common in the Armenian highlands during winter.
Ձյունը պատեհապատ է փակել ճանապարհը։ (Dyuny patehapat e p’akel chanaparhy.) – The snow has completely covered the road.

By familiarizing yourself with these seasonal Armenian words and phrases, you can significantly enhance your language skills and appreciate the beautiful cycle of seasons in the Armenian landscape. Remember that each season carries its own distinct charm and vocabulary, and by incorporating these terms into your conversation, you will be one step closer to speaking like a native. Keep practicing, and enjoy the seasonal rhythms of the Armenian language!

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