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Which language do you want to learn?

Russian Phrases for Fitness and Exercise

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Learning a new language can be especially rewarding when it allows you to engage in activities you love, like fitness and exercise. In this article, we explore essential Russian phrases that will enable you to navigate a gym environment, communicate with your trainer, or just talk about exercise and fitness in Russian. So put on your workout gear, and let’s get started with learning!

Фитнес (fitness)
This word is directly borrowed from English and is used to reference general physical exercises and activities aiming to improve health and fitness.
Я записался в клуб для занятий фитнесом.
(I signed up for a fitness club to do fitness activities.)

Тренажёрный зал (gym)
Literally translating to “exercise equipment hall,” this is the place where you go to work out.
Тренажёрный зал находится на первом этаже.
(The gym is located on the first floor.)

Тренер (trainer)
Use this word for the person who guides you through your exercise routine.
Мой тренер составил мне новую программу тренировок.
(My trainer has put together a new workout plan for me.)

Разминка (warm-up)
A crucial part of any workout, the warm-up helps prevent injuries and prepares your body for more intense activity.
Не пропусти разминку перед основной тренировкой.
(Don’t skip the warm-up before the main workout.)

Кардио (cardio)
Short for cardiovascular exercise, these activities increase your heart rate and are essential for improving your endurance and burning calories.
Я предпочитаю утреннее кардио для бодрости.
(I prefer morning cardio for vitality.)

Силовые упражнения (strength exercises)
These exercises are aimed at enhancing muscle strength and usually involve lifting weights or using other resistance.
Силовые упражнения помогают нарастить мышечную массу.
(Strength exercises help to build muscle mass.)

Пресс (abs)
Short for “abdominal muscles,” this is a popular area of focus for many fitness enthusiasts.
Каждый день я делаю упражнения на пресс.
(I do abs exercises every day.)

Отжимания (push-ups)
A push-up is a common body-weight exercise that works various muscle groups, including arms, chest, and shoulders.
Сегодня я сделал 20 отжиманий.
(Today I did 20 push-ups.)

Приседания (squats)
Squats are fundamental exercises targeting the legs and glutes.
Приседания – отличное упражнение для ног.
(Squats are an excellent exercise for the legs.)

Питание (nutrition)
Proper nutrition is as crucial as exercise when it comes to fitness.
Правильное питание значительно улучшает результаты тренировок.
(Proper nutrition significantly improves workout results.)

Восстановление (recovery)
This refers to the rest and recuperation required after exercise to allow the muscles to heal and grow.
Восстановление так же важно, как и сама тренировка.
(Recovery is as important as the workout itself.)

Гидратация (hydration)
Staying hydrated is essential during and after your workout to replace fluids lost through sweat.
Не забывайте о гидратации во время занятий спортом.
(Don’t forget about hydration during sports activities.)

Растяжка (stretching)
Stretching exercises are important for improving flexibility and reducing the risk of injury.
Растяжка после тренировки помогает снять напряжение в мышцах.
(Stretching after the workout helps to relieve muscle tension.)

Each of these phrases and words is a useful addition to the vocabulary of anyone who’s passionate about staying fit and healthy while also engaging in the language-learning journey. Whether you’re in a Russian-speaking country or simply want to chat with Russian-speaking friends about your fitness regimen, these terms are your starting blocks to a more engaging conversation. Remember that regular practice and immersion are key to mastering a new language—just like with physical exercise, consistency is crucial. Удачи! (Good luck!)

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