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Romantic Ukrainian Words and Expressions

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Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities to express feelings and emotions in a way that can be exotic and endearing. If you’re looking to sweep a Ukrainian-speaking person off their feet, knowing some romantic Ukrainian words and expressions can be your secret weapon. Here’s a sweet collection of Ukrainian vocabulary to help you charm your way to someone’s heart.

Кохання (Kohannya) – Love
Kohannya is the all-encompassing Ukrainian word for love. It is passionate, deep, and used to express real affection towards someone.
Твоє кохання змінює мене на краще.
(Your love changes me for the better.)

Мила (Myla) – Sweetheart/Sweet for females
Myla is a tender word used affectionately to refer to a girlfriend or a beloved woman.
Привіт, моя мила, як твій день?
(Hello, my sweetheart, how was your day?)

Милий (Myluy) – Sweetheart/Sweet for males
Similar to Myla, Myluy is used to address a boyfriend or a beloved man.
Ти такий милий, коли посміхаєшся.
(You’re so sweet when you smile.)

Зірка (Zirka) – Star
Often used in the context of calling someone a ‘star’ in your life or saying they light up your world.
Ти моя зірка в темному небі.
(You are my star in the dark sky.)

Душа (Dusha) – Soul
This is a deep and meaningful term that can be used when referring to someone very close to your heart.
Ти душа моєї душі.
(You are the soul of my soul.)

Чарівний (Charivnyy) – Charming for males
A compliment typically used to describe a man that is enchanting in his manners or appearance.
Я завжди знала, що ти дуже чарівний.
(I always knew you were very charming.)

Чарівна (Charivna) – Charming for females
Similarly, to describe a woman who is alluring in the way she conducts herself or in her physical allure.
Твоя усмішка така чарівна.
(Your smile is so charming.)

Прекрасний (Prekrasnyy) – Beautiful for males
More than just physical beauty, Prekrasnyy can refer to a beautiful act, thought, or soul.
Ти прекрасний у всьому, що робиш.
(You are beautiful in everything you do.)

Прекрасна (Prekrasna) – Beautiful for females
Used to express the beauty of a woman, it can be her looks, her spirit, or her actions.
Ця сукня робить тебе ще більш прекрасною.
(This dress makes you even more beautiful.)

Моя половинка (Moya polovynka) – My other half
A sweet term for a significant other, suggesting they complete you.
Без тебе, моя половинка, я не цілий.
(Without you, my other half, I’m not whole.)

Палке кохання (Palke kohannya) – Passionate love
Used to describe a love that is fervent and full of passionate emotions.
Між нами завжди було палке кохання.
(There has always been passionate love between us.)

Серце (Sertse) – Heart
The universal symbol of love and affection, often used in phrases expressing deep emotions.
Ти завжди в моєму серці.
(You are always in my heart.)

These phrases and words can be the brushstrokes you need to paint a romantic picture for your Ukrainian-speaking loved one. Remember that sincerity and the right intonation are as important as the words themselves. With these, you’re all set to express your heartfelt emotions in Ukrainian. Нехай кохання процвітає! (Let love flourish!)

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