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Real Estate and Housing Vocabulary in Afrikaans

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Learning a new language opens the door to understanding not only a culture’s spoken and written forms of communication but also industry-specific terms. For those delving into the property market, grasping real estate terminology can be essential. Below is a list of common real estate and housing vocabulary in Afrikaans, a language spoken predominantly in South Africa and Namibia, which might come in handy when engaging with the property sector in these regions.

The term for real estate or property in general. It can refer to any piece of land or structures on it.

Die eiendomsagent het verskeie stukke eiendom vir ons gewys.

This means homeowner and refers to an individual who owns a residential house.

Die huiseienaar het besluit om die huis op te knap voordat hy dit verkoop.

An apartment or flat; a self-contained housing unit that is part of a larger building.

Sy het ‘n pragtige apartement in die middestad gekoop.

A lease or rental agreement between a tenant and a landlord.

Hy het sy huurkontrak noukeurig gelees voordat hy geteken het.

A purchase agreement or sales contract for buying property.

Hulle het die koopkontrak vandag deur die prokureur finaliseer.

Market value, the price at which a property would sell under current market conditions.

Die markwaarde van daardie eiendom het oor die afgelope vyf jaar verdubbel.

A plot or lot, a piece of land on which a house or another building is built or could be built.

Ons is op soek na ‘n ruim erf om ons droomhuis te bou.

An estate agent or realtor; a person who arranges the selling, renting, or management of properties.

Die agent sal ons vanmiddag by die huis ontmoet vir ‘n vertoning.

A mortgage, a type of loan specifically used to purchase property.

Hulle het aansoek gedoen vir ‘n hipoteek met ‘n lae rentekoers.

Transfer costs or fees, the costs associated with the legal transfer of property ownership.

Jy moet ook rekening hou met oordragkoste wanneer jy ‘n huis koop.

Community development, the process of developing and improving local communities, often related to new housing developments.

Die nuwe gemeenskapsontwikkeling sal volgende jaar begin.

Negotiation, the process of discussing terms of a deal, such as the purchase price of property.

Die onderhandeling oor die eiendom se prys het ‘n paar weke geneem.

Tax; a financial charge or levy. In real estate, it could refer to property tax.

Eiendomsbelasting is iets wat alle huiseienaars moet betaal.

An inspection, often involving a thorough examination of a property before purchase.

Die inspeksie het ‘n paar klein probleme aan die lig gebring wat herstel moet word.

Land, referring to the surface of the earth that can be owned and used for building or agriculture.

Die boer het sy grond aan ‘n ontwikkelaar verkoop.

Mastering this vocabulary will help anyone interested in the real estate sector in Afrikaans-speaking territories communicate more effectively and navigate the property purchasing process with greater confidence. Whether you’re a potential homebuyer, a tenant, or simply interested in learning more about housing in another language, these words form the foundation of real estate discourse in Afrikaans.

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