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Portuguese Phrases for Discussing Hobbies

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Discussing hobbies is a fantastic way to connect with others and share your interests. When learning Portuguese, knowing specific phrases related to hobbies can enrich your conversation skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, these terms and phrases will help you talk about your pastimes with confidence.

In Portuguese, the word for hobby is “hobby” (same as English, but pronounced differently) or “passatempo.” It refers to an activity someone enjoys doing in their spare time.
Meu hobby favorito é tocar guitarra.

“Interesses” translates to “interests,” as in things that you find engaging or exciting.
Tenho muitos interesses, incluindo fotografia e viagens.

This verb means “to practice” and is used when talking about an activity that you do regularly to improve or maintain your skill level.
Eu pratico natação três vezes por semana.

“Aprender” means “to learn.” It is used when discussing picking up a new hobby or skill.
Estou aprendendo a pintar com aquarelas.

The verb “cozinhar” means “to cook.” It’s a popular hobby and a necessary skill for many.
Nos finais de semana, gosto de cozinhar pratos italianos.

“Leitura” translates to “reading.” It is a common and relaxing pastime for people of all ages.
A leitura é uma parte importante do meu dia a dia.

The word “música” means “music,” and it can refer to both listening to music and playing musical instruments.
Minha paixão por música me levou a aprender a tocar piano.

When discussing any physical activities, the term “esportes” which means “sports,” is commonly used.
Participo em vários esportes, incluindo futebol e tênis.

The noun “viagem” means “travel.” It signifies the hobby of traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing other cultures.
Planejar minha próxima viagem é sempre empolgante.

“Jogos” translates to “games,” which can include anything from board games to video games.
Nos finais de semana, adoro jogar jogos de tabuleiro com meus amigos.

“Fotografia” refers to the hobby of “photography,” the art of taking and processing photographs.
A fotografia me permite capturar e compartilhar a beleza do mundo.

The verb “desenhar” means “to draw.” It’s an artistic hobby involving creating visuals on a surface.
Comecei a desenhar como uma forma de expressar minha criatividade.

“Pintura” means “painting,” an activity involving applying paint to a surface to create an artwork.
A pintura me ajuda a relaxar depois de um dia longo.

“Artesanato” translates to “crafting.” It involves making decorative objects by hand.
Fazer artesanato é minha forma de desconectar da tecnologia.

The verb “atuar” means “to act,” as in performing in theatre, film, or television.
Atuar em peças locais é o meu passatempo favorito.

Incorporating these phrases into your vocabulary will enhance your ability to talk about your personal interests and engage in more detailed conversations with native Portuguese speakers. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect – the most important part is to start conversing and learning through practice. Boa sorte (good luck)!

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