Phrases Useful in Emergencies in Slovenian

When traveling to Slovenia, a beautiful country known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, it’s crucial to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Knowing key emergency phrases in Slovenian can be incredibly helpful and potentially life-saving. This article aims to equip you with essential Slovenian phrases to use in various emergency situations, ensuring your safety and well-being while traveling.

General Emergency Phrases

Emergency situations require immediate attention and clear communication. The following phrases are essential for attracting help and informing others of an emergency:

Na pomoč! (Help!)
Reševalce, prosim! (Ambulance, please!)
Kličite policijo! (Call the police!)

It’s important to loudly and clearly shout these phrases if you find yourself or someone else in danger.

Medical Emergencies

If you or someone you’re with requires medical attention, knowing how to ask for help in Slovenian is crucial. Here are some phrases that could be used:

Potrebujem zdravnika. (I need a doctor.)
Boli me glava. (I have a headache.)
Imam alergijo. (I have an allergy.)

When communicating symptoms or conditions, try to speak slowly and clearly, pointing to the area affected if possible.

Reporting a Crime

If you unfortunately become a victim of or witness a crime, you’ll need to report this to the local authorities. Phrases that might be useful include:

Okraja so mi. (I’ve been robbed.)
Nekdo me je napadel. (Someone attacked me.)
Izgubil sem svojo torbico. (I lost my purse.)

These phrases can aid you in explaining the situation to the police or local authorities.

In Case of Fire

Fires can be particularly dangerous, and reacting quickly is key. Here are some phrases that could be used in such an event:

Požar! (Fire!)
Kličite gasilce! (Call the firefighters!)
Evakuirajte zgradbo! (Evacuate the building!)

Make sure to raise your voice and repeat these phrases to ensure that everyone around you is aware of the fire and can act accordingly.

During Natural Disasters

Slovenia can experience natural events like floods or earthquakes. In such cases, knowing the following phrases can be helpful:

Poplava je! (It’s a flood!)
Potres! (Earthquake!)
Varujte se! (Take cover!)

In these scenarios, staying calm and communicating clearly with these phrases can help keep you and others safe.

Asking for Help in Difficult Situations

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a difficult situation where you need assistance from locals. Here are some phrases that can be used:

Lahko mi pomagate? (Can you help me?)
Izgubil sem potni list. (I lost my passport.)
Zalutal sem. (I am lost.)

These phrases are particularly useful for travelers and can help in receiving the necessary assistance from locals or authorities.


While we hope you never have to use these emergency phrases, being prepared is key to ensuring your safety while traveling. Learning these Slovenian phrases not only helps in difficult times but also enriches your travel experience, connecting you more deeply with the local culture and people. Remember to stay calm in emergencies, clearly communicate your needs, and seek help using the phrases you’ve learned. Safe travels and enjoy your time in Slovenia!

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