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Phrases for Public Transportation in Belarusian

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Traveling in Belarus can be a delightful experience, and having a few Belarusian phrases at your disposal significantly enhances your journey, especially when using public transportation. Here are some essential terms and phrases to help you navigate the buses, trams, and trains like a local.

Аўтобус (awtobus) – Bus
This word will come in handy when you are looking to catch the right bus to your destination.
Якім аўтобусам мне ехаць у цэнтр горада?
(Which bus should I take to go downtown?)

Прыйшчэпка (pryishchepka) – Tram
Trams are a common mode of transportation within Belarusian cities.
Ці едзе гэтая прыйшчэпка ў парадны парк?
(Does this tram go to the central park?)

Цягнік (tsyahnik) – Train
Trains are useful for both intercity and international travel.
Калі адпраўляецца апошні цягнік у Мінск?
(When does the last train to Minsk leave?)

Расклад (rasklad) – Schedule/Timetable
Staying informed of the schedule can help you plan your journey without delays.
Дзе я магу знайсці расклад аўтобусаў?
(Where can I find the bus schedule?)

Спынак (spynak) – Stop (Bus/Tram)
Knowing the name of the stop closest to your destination is crucial.
На якім спынку мне выйсці для Нацыянальнай бібліятэкі?
(Which stop do I get off for the National Library?)

Квіток (kvitok) – Ticket
Always remember to purchase a ticket before boarding, or you might face a fine.
Дзе я магу купіць квіток на прыйшчэпку?
(Where can I buy a tram ticket?)

Каса (kasa) – Ticket Office/Booth
If you want to purchase a ticket from a person rather than a machine, look for the ticket office.
Ці працуе каса станцыі зусім целадзень?
(Is the station ticket office open all day?)

Пераход (perahod) – Transfer
When you need to change from one mode of transportation to another, you’ll make a transfer.
Як я магу зрабіць пераход з аўтобуса на метро?
(How can I transfer from the bus to the subway?)

Метро (metro) – Subway
Minsk has a subway system that is frequently used by locals and tourists alike.
Якая наступная станцыя метро?
(What is the next subway station?)

Кантролёр (kantrolyor) – Conductor/Inspector
Conductors may inspect your ticket during your journey, so keep it accessible.
Кантролёр папрасіў паказаць мой квіток.
(The conductor asked to see my ticket.)

Пасадка (pasadka) – Boarding
Knowing the boarding procedures can make your experience smoother.
Пасадка на цягнік пачынаецца за 15 хвілін да ад’езду.
(Boarding the train starts 15 minutes before departure.)

Вакзал (vakzal) – Station
In bigger cities, the term “вакзал” is often used to refer to both train and bus stations.
На якім вакзале мы знойдзем шыкоўны рэстаран?
(At which station can we find a nice restaurant?)

Выхад (vykhad) – Exit
Knowing this word is essential for leaving the station.
Дзе выхад з станцыі метро?
(Where is the exit from the subway station?)

Memorizing these phrases will significantly ease your travel experience in Belarus. Don’t be shy to try them out, as locals often appreciate when visitors make an effort to speak the native language. Safe travels and на здароўе! (to your health).

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