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Phrases for bookings and reservations in Arabic

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Traveling to an Arabic-speaking country can be an exciting experience, and knowing how to make bookings and reservations in Arabic is a crucial skill for a smooth journey. Here are some essential phrases and vocabulary that will help you secure your plans confidently.

حجز (hajz) – Booking/reservation
This is a general term used for all types of reservations including hotels, flights, and restaurants.
أريد أن أقوم بـحجز في فندق.
(I would like to make a hotel reservation.)

غرفة (ghurfah) – Room
Use this when you want to book a room. It can be used for hotel or hostel accommodations.
هل يمكنني حجز غرفة مزدوجة؟
(Can I book a double room?)

مطعم (mat’am) – Restaurant
When you’re looking to dine out, this is the word you’ll need to book a table.
أود حجز طاولة في مطعم.
(I would like to book a table at a restaurant.)

تأكيد (ta’keed) – Confirmation
After making a booking, receiving a confirmation is important to ensure your spot is secure.
هل يمكنني الحصول على تأكيد لحجزي، من فضلك؟
(Could I get a confirmation for my booking, please?)

إلغاء (ilghaa’) – Cancellation
In case your plans change, you might need to cancel your reservation.
أحتاج إلى إلغاء الحجز.
(I need to cancel the reservation.)

مقعد (maq’ad) – Seat
This word is usually used when booking a seat, such as on a plane, bus, or at an event.
أرغب في حجز مقعد بجانب النافذة.
(I would like to book a window seat.)

عدد الأشخاص (‘adad al-ashkhas) – Number of people
This phrase indicates how many people the reservation is for.
الحجز سيكون لـعدد الأشخاص هو أربعة.
(The reservation will be for four people.)

تسجيل الوصول (tasjil al-wusool) – Check-in
This is the process where you officially confirm your arrival at a hotel or airport.
في أي وقت يمكنني تسجيل الوصول؟
(What time can I check in?)

تسجيل المغادرة (tasjil al-mughadara) – Check-out
Similarly, this is the process of officially ending your stay at a hotel.
متى يجب أن أقوم بـتسجيل المغادرة؟
(When should I check out?)

طلب خاص (talab khaas) – Special request
If you have any special needs or requests during your stay or meal, you would use this phrase.
لدي طلب خاص بوجبة بدون جلوتين.
(I have a special request for a gluten-free meal.)

وقت (waqt) – Time
This specifies when you would like your booking or reservation.
في أي وقت ستكون رحلة الطيران؟
(What time is the flight?)

دفع (daf’) – Payment
When securing your booking, you might be asked about payment.
هل يمكنني دفع مقابل الحجز الآن؟
(Can I pay for the booking now?)

Remember, when using these phrases, always be polite by adding “من فضلك” (min fadlik), which means “please,” to your requests. With these words and phrases in your language toolbox, your next reservation in an Arabic-speaking region should be a breeze!

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