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Phrases for booking and travel in Finnish

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Traveling can be an enriching experience, and knowing some key phrases can make the process smoother, especially in a country like Finland where the language can be quite unique to foreigners. Below, you’ll find some essential Finnish phrases for booking and travel, complete with their definitions and example sentences.

Varaus – “Reservation”
This word is crucial for booking accommodations or reserving tickets for travel.
Onko teillä vapaita huoneita? Haluaisin tehdä varauksen ensi viikonlopuksi.
(Do you have any available rooms? I would like to make a reservation for next weekend.)

Majoitus – “Accommodation”
Whether you’re looking for a hotel room, an Airbnb, or a hostel, this word will come in handy.
Mistä löytäisin edullista majoitusta Helsingissä?
(Where can I find affordable accommodation in Helsinki?)

Lennot – “Flights”
For booking flights or discussing travel plans involving air travel.
Onko myöhäisillan lennot usein kalliimpia?
(Are late-night flights usually more expensive?)

Lähtöaika – “Departure time”
Essential when checking the schedule of your flights, trains, or buses.
Mikä on junan lähtöaika Turusta Helsinkiin?
(What is the departure time of the train from Turku to Helsinki?)

Saapumisaika – “Arrival time”
Just as important as the departure time, this term is used to inquire or inform about when you will arrive at your destination.
Mihin aikaan meidän pitäisi saapua hotelliin?
(What time should we arrive at the hotel?)

Matkatavarat – “Luggage”
For all things related to baggage during your travels.
Voinko jättää matkatavarani hotellin säilytykseen?
(Can I leave my luggage at the hotel storage?)

Passi – “Passport”
A fundamental piece of travel documentation required for international travel.
Pidä passisi valmiina tullitarkastuksen varalta.
(Keep your passport ready for the customs check.)

Viisumi – “Visa”
Non-EU travelers might need this documentation for entering Finland.
Onko minun tarve hankkia viisumi Suomeen matkustaessani?
(Do I need to get a visa to travel to Finland?)

Matkavakuutus – “Travel insurance”
Something you should consider having for a safe and worry-free journey.
Suosittelen ottamaan matkavakuutuksen ulkomaanmatkoja varten.
(I recommend taking out travel insurance for trips abroad.)

Reitti – “Route”
Useful when discussing travel plans or seeking directions to a destination.
Mikä on nopein reitti lentokentälle kaupungin keskustasta?
(What is the fastest route to the airport from the city center?)

Juna-asema – “Train station”
For navigating train travels within Finland.
Missä on lähin juna-asema?
(Where is the nearest train station?)

Lippu – “Ticket”
You’ll need this for entering various modes of public transport or events.
Voinko ostaa lipun bussiin kuljettajalta?
(Can I buy a bus ticket from the driver?)

Aikataulu – “Schedule”
Essential for planning and adhering to your travel timings.
Voisinko nähdä lauttojen aikataulun saarille?
(Could I see the ferry schedule to the islands?)

Matkustaja – “Passenger”
You are a matkustaja when using any form of transport.
Montako matkustajaa mahtuu tähän bussiin?
(How many passengers can fit in this bus?)

Varata – “To book” or “to reserve”
The verb form of booking or reserving something, like a ticket or a room.
Haluaisin varata pöydän kahdelle ravintolassa.
(I would like to book a table for two at the restaurant.)

Peruuttaa – “To cancel”
In case plans change and you need to cancel a booking.
Minun tarvitsee peruuttaa huonevaraus. Miten voin tehdä sen?
(I need to cancel my room reservation. How can I do that?)

Saapuminen – “Arrival”
Refers to when you reach your travel destination or when transport arrives.
Junan saapuminen myöhästyy kahdella tunnilla.
(The train’s arrival is delayed by two hours.)

Mastering these phrases will not only facilitate your travels in Finland but also demonstrate respect for the local culture and language. Practice these words and phrases before your trip, and you’ll be navigating the Finnish travel scene like a local in no time!

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