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Musical Instruments and Music-Related Phrases in Belarusian

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Belarusian, the official language of Belarus, has a rich musical heritage. If you’re a music enthusiast and you’re trying to learn Belarusian, it’s helpful to know some common musical instruments and music-related phrases in this beautiful language. Below are several terms and phrases that can enhance your vocabulary and help you to engage more fully with the Belarusian music scene.

Музычны інструмент (Muzychny instrument)
Definition: Musical instrument
Я хачу навучыцца граць на новым музычным інструменце.
In English: I want to learn how to play a new musical instrument.

Фартэпіяна (Fortepiana)
Definition: Piano
У нашай школе ёсць вялікае фартэпіяна для канцэртаў.
In English: Our school has a grand piano for concerts.

Скрыпка (Skrыpka)
Definition: Violin
Яна займаецца на скрыпцы ўжо пяць гадоў.
In English: She has been playing the violin for five years.

Гітара (Hіtara)
Definition: Guitar
Ён падарыў сябру гітару на дзень народзінаў.
In English: He gave his friend a guitar for his birthday.

Аркестр (Arkestr)
Definition: Orchestra
Аркестр грае класічную музыку вельмі добра.
In English: The orchestra plays classical music very well.

Ноты (Noty)
Definition: Sheet music or musical notes
Ты можаш чытаць ноты?
In English: Can you read music notes?

Дырыжор (Dyryzhor)
Definition: Conductor
Дырыжор вёў аркестр праз складаную сімфонію.
In English: The conductor led the orchestra through a complex symphony.

Мелодыя (Melodiya)
Definition: Melody
Гэтая мелодыя заставаецца ў галаве ўсё набор.
In English: This melody stays in my head the whole day.

Акорд (Akord)
Definition: Chord
Калі ты націснеш гэтыя клавішы адначасова, ты атрымаеш акорд.
In English: If you press these keys at the same time, you will get a chord.

Рытм (Rytm)
Definition: Rhythm
Захоўвай рытм, каб не сысці з біту.
In English: Keep the rhythm to not go off the beat.

Апера (Apera)
Definition: Opera
Мы ідзем у тэатр на аперу гэтай вечарыні.
In English: We are going to the theater for an opera this evening.

Хор (Hor)
Definition: Choir
Хор спяваў на ўрачыстасці ўзняцця сцяга.
In English: The choir sang at the flag-raising ceremony.

By familiarizing yourself with these musical instruments and music-related phrases in Belarusian, you can enjoy the culture more deeply and participate in musical discussions. Practice using these words in conversation, and you’ll be harmonizing with the language in no time!

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