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Music-Related Terms in Afrikaans

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Afrikaans, a language spoken primarily in South Africa and Namibia, has a rich vocabulary when it comes to music. Whether you are learning the language or are simply curious about how to discuss music in Afrikaans, knowing these music-related terms can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Afrikaner culture. Here’s a closer look at some essential Afrikaans music vocabulary.

This is the Afrikaans word for “music” and is used in the same way as it is in English.
Ek luister graag na musiek wanneer ek ontspan.

This term refers to a “song” and is used to describe a piece of music with lyrics.
My gunsteling liedjie is “Sewe Oseane” deur Andriëtte.

Translated as “orchestra,” this word describes a large ensemble of musicians who play together.
Die simfonie-orkes het ‘n pragtige uitvoering gegee.

This is the word for “guitar,” a popular instrument in many music genres.
Hy kan baie goed kitaar speel.

Meaning “piano,” this term describes the musical instrument with black and white keys.
Sy neem klavierlesse by die musiekskool.

The Afrikaans word for “drums,” describing the rhythmic instrument played in many forms of music.
Die tromme is die hartklop van die band.

This refers to a “singer,” a person who vocalizes musical tunes.
Die sanger het ‘n baie unieke stemtoon.

Meaning the same as in English, “album” refers to a collection of recorded songs.
Haar nuutste album het goue status bereik.

This word describes a “concert,” a live performance of music.
Ons het kaartjies vir die rock konsert die naweek.

The term for “score,” partituur refers to the written notation of a musical composition.
Die dirigent lees die partituur terwyl die orkes speel.

Translated as “bar” or “measure,” it represents a segment of time in a piece of music.
Elke takt in hierdie lied het vier tellings.

Meaning “chords,” akkoorde are groups of notes played simultaneously.
Die kitaarspeler het die akkoorde vinnig verwissel.

This term means “melody,” the tune or leading part of a piece of music that stands out.
Die melodie van die liedjie is opgewek en aansteeklik.

Meant as “rhythm,” it describes the pattern of sounds and silences in music.
Die ritme van die musiek maak dat jy wil dans.

The word for “conductor,” someone who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir.
Die dirigent het die tempo vir die orkes aangegee.

Understanding these music-related terms in Afrikaans can not only assist you in conversing about music in this language but also give you insight into the culture associated with Afrikaans music. Whether at a konsert, singing a liedjie, or playing an instrument like the kitaar or klavier, these words will prove to be invaluable for any music enthusiast or language learner.

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