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Media and Communication Terms in Azerbaijani

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Learning a new language includes expanding your vocabulary across different topics, including modern essentials such as media and communication. Today, let’s build your Azerbaijani vocabulary with some key terms in this category, complete with definitions and example sentences to help you grasp their usage.

Media (Mətbuat)
The term “media” refers to the means of mass communication, such as newspapers, magazines, TV, and the internet. In Azerbaijani, it is called “mətbuat”.
Mətbuat azadlığı hər demokratik cəmiyyətin ayrılmaz hissəsidir. (Freedom of the press is an integral part of every democratic society.)

Television (Televiziya)
“Television” is a widespread medium used for broadcasting visual content; in Azerbaijani, it is “televiziya”.
Bu axşam televiziyada maraqlı bir film var. (There is an interesting movie on television tonight.)

Radio (Radio)
“Radio” is used to refer to the technology that allows for the transmission of audio over a distance. In Azerbaijani, this term remains “radio”.
Səhərlər işə gedərkən radio dinləməyi xoşlayıram. (I like to listen to the radio on my way to work in the mornings.)

Newspaper (Qəzet)
This word refers to a publication printed on paper that contains news, articles, advertisements, and more. In Azerbaijani, it is called “qəzet”.
Atam hər gün qəzet alır və onu diqqətlə oxuyur. (My father buys a newspaper every day and reads it carefully.)

Internet (İnternet)
The term “internet” signifies the global system of interconnected computer networks. In Azerbaijani, it is simply “internet”.
İnternet olmadan bir günümü təsəvvür edə bilmirəm. (I cannot imagine a day without the internet.)

Social Media (Sosial Media)
A platform for social interaction and sharing content with others online, “social media” in Azerbaijani is referred to as “sosial media”.
Sosial mediada paylaşımların sayı artmaqdadır. (The number of shares on social media is increasing.)

Journalist (Jurnalist)
A “journalist” is someone who writes for newspapers, magazines, or prepares news for broadcast media. In Azerbaijani, this professional is called a “jurnalist”.
O, məşhur bir jurnalistdir və bir çox mühüm məqalələr yazıb. (He is a famous journalist and has written many important articles.)

Communication (Rabitə)
“Communication” refers to the exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. In Azerbaijani, it is “rabitə”.
Uğurlu bir iş görüşməsi üçün effektiv rabitə bacarıqları vacibdir. (Effective communication skills are essential for a successful business meeting.)

Advertisement (Reklam)
An “advertisement” is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event. In Azerbaijani, the term is “reklam”.
Reklam məhsulun satışını artıra bilər. (An advertisement can increase the sales of a product.)

Broadcaster (Yayımcı)
A “broadcaster” is a person or company that broadcasts programs on television or radio. In Azerbaijani, it’s “yayımcı”.
Milli yayımcı bu il bir çox yeni proqramlar təqdim etməyi planlaşdırır. (The national broadcaster plans to introduce many new programs this year.)

Understanding these media and communication terms is valuable not only for enhancing your vocabulary but also for engaging with Azerbaijani-speaking communities more effectively. Whether you’re catching up on the news or discussing the digital age’s impact on communication, these words will surely be a part of the conversation. Keep practicing, and you’ll be fluent in no time!

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