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Love and Romantic Phrases in Afrikaans

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Learning a new language opens the door to a deeper understanding and appreciation of a culture, and what could be more culturally enriching than expressing love and affection? If you’re keen on diving into the romantic side of Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s official languages, here’s a guide to some of the most endearing phrases and words you can use to woo your beloved or simply express heartfelt emotions.

Meaning love, this word is used to describe the strong affection you feel for someone.
Liefde is die belangrikste ding in die lewe.

This term is used to describe the state of being in love.
Ek is so verlief op jou dat ek nie kan slaap nie.

A term of endearment like sweetheart or darling.
Hallo, my skat, hoe was jou dag?

Kiss. A sweet, romantic gesture of affection.
Mag ek jou ‘n soen gee?

Yearning or longing for someone.
Ek het ‘n dringende verlange na jou teenwoordigheid.

Heart. Often used metaphorically to represent love and emotion.
Jy het my hart van die eerste oomblik af gesteel.

Beautiful. An adjective to describe something or someone’s physical or inner beauty.
Jy is die mooiste mens wat ek nog ooit ontmoet het.

To marry or the act of committing to someone for life.
Eendag wil ek met jou trou.

To cherish or hold dear, a deep form of caring for someone.
Ek sal jou altyd koester in my hart.

A relationship or connection between people, romantic or otherwise.
Ons verhouding is vir my baie belangrik.

Girlfriend. The female counterpart in a romantic relationship.
Sy is nie net my vriendin nie; sy is my lewensmaat.

Boyfriend. The male counterpart in a romantic relationship.
Ek is so bly ek het jou as my vriend.

Romantic. Pertaining to expressing, feeling, or pertaining to love.
Jy het die aand heeltemal romanties gemaak met die kerslig ete.

Ek is lief vir jou
The Afrikaans equivalent to “I love you.”
Van die oomblik wat ek jou ontmoet het, het ek geweet ek is lief vir jou.

My hart behoort aan jou
My heart belongs to you. A declaration of devoted love.
Vir altyd en ewig, my hart behoort aan jou.

Using these phrases can help you express your feelings in Afrikaans and maybe even add a touch of romance to your relationships. Remember, language learning is an ongoing process, so don’t be afraid to practice these phrases and expand your vocabulary further! Love knows no language barriers, and through Afrikaans, your expressions of love can find new depth and resonance.

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