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Which language do you want to learn?

Korean Words for Clothing and Fashion

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Learning a new language is not just about mastering grammar and syntax; it’s also about diving deep into the culture, and what better way to explore a culture than through its fashion and clothing? Whether you’re traveling to Korea, watching K-dramas, or simply interested in Korean culture, knowing some basic Korean words for clothing and fashion can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Korean language. Here are some essential Korean vocabulary words related to clothing and fashion, complete with their definitions and example sentences to help you practice.

(ot) – Clothes
저는 새 옷을 많이 샀어요. – I bought a lot of new clothes.

셔츠 (syeocheu) – Shirt
이 셔츠는 너무 작아요. – This shirt is too small.

바지 (baji) – Pants
그는 편안한 바지를 찾고 있어요. – He is looking for comfortable pants.

치마 (chima) – Skirt
그녀는 긴 치마를 입고 있습니다. – She is wearing a long skirt.

자켓 (jaket) – Jacket
오늘은 자켓을 입기에 적당한 날씨예요. – Today is the perfect weather to wear a jacket.

드레스 (deureseu) – Dress
파티에 이 드레스를 입을 거예요. – I will wear this dress to the party.

코트 (koteu) – Coat
추운 날씨에는 따뜻한 코트가 필요해요. – You need a warm coat for the cold weather.

신발 (sinbal) – Shoes
새 신발을 신고 발이 아파요. – My feet hurt from wearing new shoes.

모자 (moja) – Hat
저는 해변가에서 모자를 쓸 거예요. – I will wear a hat at the beach.

넥타이 (nektai) – Necktie
회의에 갈 때는 넥타이를 매야 해요. – You have to wear a necktie when going to a meeting.

스웨터 (seuweteo) – Sweater
그녀는 노란색 스웨터를 좋아해요. – She likes the yellow sweater.

속옷 (sogot) – Underwear
새 속옷을 살 때는 편안함이 중요해요. – Comfort is important when buying new underwear.

가방 (gabang) – Bag
가방에 물건을 너무 많이 넣었어요. – I put too many things in the bag.

액세서리 (aekseseori) – Accessories
그녀는 액세서리를 매치하는 걸 좋아해요. – She likes matching her accessories.

반팔 (banpal) – Short-sleeved
날씨가 더워서 반팔을 입기로 했어요. – I decided to wear short sleeves because it is hot.

긴팔 (ginpal) – Long-sleeved
오늘은 긴팔 셔츠를 입는게 나을 것 같아요. – It seems better to wear a long-sleeved shirt today.

수영복 (suyeongbok) – Swimsuit
내일 수영장에 갈 건데 수영복을 가져가야 해요. – I need to take my swimsuit with me to the swimming pool tomorrow.

유행 (yuhang) – Fashion, trend
그녀는 언제나 최신 유행을 따라가요. – She always follows the latest fashion trends.

패션감각 (paesyeongamgak) – Fashion sense
그는 정말 뛰어난 패션감각을 가지고 있어요. – He has a really great fashion sense.

스타일 (seutail) – Style
당신의 스타일을 좋아해요. – I like your style.

By integrating these words into your vocabulary, you’re not only expanding your Korean language abilities but also preparing yourself to shop for clothes, follow Korean fashion trends, or simply describe what someone is wearing with ease. Remember to practice these words and try using them in context to reinforce your learning. Happy Korean language and fashion exploration!

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