Which language do you want to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?

Kids and School-Related Phrases in Russian

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Learning a new language can be a fascinating adventure, and for those interested in Russian, gaining a grasp of school-related phrases can be particularly useful. Whether you’re a parent looking to help your child with their Russian language learning or just interested in expanding your vocabulary, here are some essential words and phrases related to kids and school in Russian.

Школа (shkola) – School
This term refers to an institution for educating children.
Том любит ходить в школу каждый день. (Tom loves going to school every day.)

Учитель (uchitel) – Teacher (male), Учительница (uchitelnitsa) – Teacher (female)
These words are used for a person who teaches children in a school.
Мой учитель математики очень строг. (My math teacher is very strict.)

Ученик (uchenik) – Student (male), Ученица (uchenitsa) – Student (female)
Both terms mean a student or a pupil in a school.
Ученики ждут начала урока. (The students are waiting for the lesson to start.)

Домашнее задание (domashneye zadaniye) – Homework
The work given to school children to do at home.
Я делаю домашнее задание по математике. (I am doing math homework.)

Перемена (peremena) – Break (as in school break)
A short period of time between school classes when students can rest.
На перемене дети играют во дворе. (During the break, the children play in the yard.)

Учебник (uchebnik) – Textbook
A book containing lessons for students.
Мне нужен новый учебник по истории. (I need a new history textbook.)

Тетрадь (tetrad) – Notebook
A book with blank pages for writing notes.
Я записал домашнее задание в тетрадь. (I wrote down the homework in my notebook.)

Рюкзак (ryukzak) – Backpack
A bag with shoulder straps for carrying school supplies.
Этот рюкзак слишком тяжёлый. (This backpack is too heavy.)

Расписание (raspisanie) – Schedule, Timetable
A plan that shows when events or classes are happening.
Посмотри в расписание, когда у нас следующий урок. (Look at the timetable to see when our next class is.)

Экзамен (ekzamen) – Exam
An official test that shows your knowledge or ability in a particular subject.
Студенты готовятся к экзамену по математике. (Students are preparing for the math exam.)

Оценка (otsenka) – Grade (as in a mark)
The score or mark given to a student’s work.
Я получил хорошую оценку за проект. (I received a good grade for the project.)

Выпускной (vyipusknoy) – Graduation
A ceremony to celebrate the completion of studies.
На выпускном было очень весело. (The graduation was very fun.)

Школьная форма (shkolnaya forma) – School Uniform
The set of standard clothing worn by students.
Все ученики одевают школьную форму по понедельникам. (All students wear a school uniform on Mondays.)

Каникулы (kanikuly) – Holidays, Vacation (as in school vacation)
A time during the school year when classes are not held and students have a break.
Дети с нетерпением ждут зимних каникул. (Children are looking forward to the winter holidays.)

By familiarizing yourself with these school-related terms, you can enhance your Russian vocabulary and feel more confident in conversations about education. Remember that practice and repetition are key to learning a new language, so try to use these words in context as often as you can. Удачи! (Good luck!)

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