Kazakh Words for Different Animals

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities and understanding, and one of the most interesting aspects of this journey is discovering the words used for animals. In this article, we will explore the Kazakh language, focusing on the names of various animals. Kazakh, spoken in Kazakhstan, is a Turkic language rich in history and culture. As you embark on this linguistic adventure, we’ll dive into the names of different animals in Kazakh, providing you with a good starting point for expanding your vocabulary.

Domestic Animals in Kazakh

One of the first categories many language learners start with is domestic animals. These are often animals you might find around the house or farm.

Cat in Kazakh is мысық (mysyq).
Менің мысығым үйде жатыр. (Meniń mysyǵym úıde jatyr.) – My cat is lying at home.

Dog translates to ит (it).
Біздің итіміз өте ойыншыл. (Bizdiń itimiz óte oıynshyl.) – Our dog is very playful.

Horse, a revered animal in Kazakh culture, is жылқы (zhylqy).
Жылқы далада жүгіріп жүр. (Zhylqy dalada júgirip júr.) – The horse is running in the field.

Wild Animals in Kazakh

Moving on to wild animals, which often captivate the imagination with their beauty and power, the Kazakh language has some interesting names to offer.

Bear in Kazakh is айу (ayu).
Аю тауда кездеседі. (Ayu tauda kezdesedi.) – Bears are found in the mountains.

Wolf is known as қасқыр (qasqyr).
Қасқырлар түнде айғайлайды. (Qasqyrlar túnde aıǵaylaydy.) – Wolves howl at night.

Eagle, a symbol of freedom, is called бүркіт (bürkit).
Бүркіт аспанда қалықтап ұшады. (Bürkit aspanda qalyqtap úshady.) – The eagle soars in the sky.

Sea Creatures in Kazakh

The underwater world is equally fascinating, and learning the names of sea creatures in Kazakh can enhance your vocabulary further.

Fish is simply балық (balyq).
Балық суда жүзеді. (Balyq suda júzedi.) – The fish swims in the water.

Shark in Kazakh is акула (akula).
Акула мұхитта мекендейді. (Akula múhitta mekendeydi.) – The shark lives in the ocean.

Whale, the giant of the ocean, is кит (kit).
Киттер өте үлкен болады. (Kitter óte úlken bolady.) – Whales are very large.

Insects and Smaller Creatures

Insects and smaller creatures might not be as glamorous, but they play essential roles in our ecosystem. Here are some Kazakh names for these creatures.

Ant is called құмырсқа (qumyrsqa).
Құмырсқалар әрдайым жұмыс істейді. (Qumyrsqalar árdayym jumys isteydi.) – Ants are always working.

Bee in Kazakh is ары (ary).
Арылар бал жинайды. (Arylar bal jınaydy.) – Bees collect honey.

Butterfly translates to көбелек (köbelek).
Көбелектер гүлден гүлге ұшады. (Kóbelekter gúlden gúlge úshady.) – Butterflies fly from flower to flower.


Learning the names of animals in a new language can be a delightful experience. It not only expands your vocabulary but also gives you insights into the culture and values of the people who speak the language. In Kazakh culture, animals hold significant symbolic meanings and are often revered. By learning these names, you get a glimpse into the natural world as seen through the Kazakh lens. Whether it’s the domesticated жылқы (horse) or the majestic бүркіт (eagle), each animal name carries with it stories and significance. Continue to explore and enjoy your language learning journey!

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