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Japanese Vocabulary in Real Estate and Housing

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Japanese, a language with a rich cultural background, comes with a unique set of terminologies for various fields, including real estate and housing. Understanding these terms can be particularly useful if you are considering renting, purchasing, or discussing properties in Japan. Let’s delve into some essential Japanese vocabulary related to real estate and housing.

不動産 (ふどうさん) – Real estate
This term is used to refer to real estate as a general category, encompassing both residential and commercial properties.
(In this area, the prices of real estate are rising.)

物件 (ぶっけん) – Property
Refers to a property or housing unit, often used in listings and when discussing specific real estate.
(This property is convenient because it’s close to the station.)

賃貸 (ちんたい) – Rental
This is a term that signifies rental properties and is commonly used when discussing lease agreements.
(I’m searching for a rental apartment.)

家賃 (やちん) – Rent
The amount of money paid regularly for renting a property.
(Have you transferred this month’s rent?)

間取り (まどり) – Layout
The layout or floor plan of an apartment or house. It typically includes the number of rooms and their arrangement.
(Let’s prioritize rooms with good layouts.)

新築 (しんちく) – Newly built
Properties that have been recently constructed or brand new buildings.
(He bought a newly built detached house.)

築年数 (ちくねんすう) – Age of the building
The number of years that have passed since a building was constructed.
(Older buildings need repairs.)

保証金 (ほしょうきん) – Deposit
A security deposit often required before moving into a rental property.
(The deposit must be paid at the time of moving in.)

仲介手数料 (ちゅうかいてすうりょう) – Brokerage fee
The fee paid to a real estate agent or broker for their services in finding a property.
(The brokerage fee is one month’s rent.)

敷金 (しききん) – Key money
A non-refundable payment made to the landlord, a common practice in Japan that serves as a gratuity.
(The key money is high, so the initial cost is going to be expensive.)

管理費 (かんりひ) – Maintenance fee
Regular fees for the upkeep of common areas and services in a building or housing complex.
(How much is the maintenance fee each month?)

立地 (りっち) – Location
Refers to the geographical setting of a property, often related to its convenience, environmental factors, and value.
(I chose this apartment because of its good location.)

ローン – Loan
The word ‘loan’ used in the context of financing for purchasing property.
(I passed the loan screening.)

Understanding these terms can significantly enhance your ability to communicate effectively in the Japanese real estate market. Whether you’re looking to rent a cozy apartment or purchase your dream home in Japan, familiarizing yourself with this vocabulary is an essential step. Happy house hunting or as the Japanese would say, よい家探しを (yoi ie sagashi wo)!

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