Italian Vocabulary for School and Education

As you embark on the journey of learning Italian, one of the most useful areas to focus on is the vocabulary related to school and education. This can be especially handy for students who plan to study in Italy or for travelers who wish to enrich their vocabulary. Let’s dive into some essential Italian words and phrases that will help you in navigating through an educational environment in Italy.

Scuola – School
The term scuola refers to an institution where education or learning takes place. It can be used to talk about any level of schooling, from elementary to high school to university.

Dovrò registrarmi alla nuova scuola lunedì.

Università – University
Università is the Italian term for university, an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in various disciplines.

Mia sorella si sta laureando all’università quest’anno.

Studente/Studentessa – Student (masculine/feminine)
In Italian, a male student is referred to as studente and a female student as studentessa. These terms are used for learners in schools and universities.

Il nuovo studente è arrivato in classe ieri.

Insegnante – Teacher
Insegnante is the word for educator or teacher, the person responsible for teaching students.

L’insegnante di matematica ha spiegato il teorema in modo eccellente.

Libro – Book
Libro is the Italian word for book, an essential object in the realm of education for learners at all levels.

Ho dimenticato il mio libro di testo a casa!

Quaderno – Notebook
Quaderno is a term for notebook, where students jot down notes and information during their classes.

Il mio quaderno è pieno di appunti di biologia.

Penna – Pen
Another simple yet essential item for students is the penna, which means pen.

Potresti prestarmi una penna?

Matita – Pencil
Matita is the word for pencil, a writing instrument used by students of all ages.

La mia matita si è rotta durante l’esame.

Lezione – Lesson
Lezione refers to a lesson or class, where specific educational content is delivered to students.

La prossima lezione parleremo del Rinascimento italiano.

Compiti – Homework
Compiti is the plural form of the noun compito, which means task or duty, but in the school context, it means homework – the work assigned to students to be completed outside of school hours.

Ho molti compiti da fare per domani.

Esame – Exam
An exam or test in Italian is called esame, which assesses a student’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject.

Devo studiare molto per l’esame di storia.

Voto – Grade
Voto refers to a grade or mark given for a student’s performance on homework, exams, or overall coursework.

Spero di ottenere un buon voto in chimica.

Aula – Classroom
Aula is the Italian word for classroom, the room where lessons and teaching occur.

Gli studenti sono già in aula, pronti per la lezione.

Pausa – Break
The term pausa refers to a break or recess, a short period of time during the school day when students can rest or have a snack.

Durante la pausa, vado sempre in cortile con i miei amici.

Dirigente scolastico – Principal/Headmaster
The principal or headmaster of a school in Italian is known as the dirigente scolastico, responsible for the administration and leadership of the school.

Il dirigente scolastico ha annunciato i giorni di vacanza.

By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you’ll be able to discuss school and education-related topics with greater ease and confidence. Whether you are a student in Italy or just looking to expand your Italian language skills, having an arsenal of educational vocabulary at your disposal is an asset in any conversation. Buono studio! (Happy studying!)

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