Italian Phrases for Making Reservations and Appointments

Italian is a beautiful and melodious language steeped in art, history, and culture. Whether planning a trip to Italy or wanting to engage with Italian-speaking friends, being able to make reservations and set up appointments is a crucial skill. Here are some useful Italian phrases to help you handle these situations with confidence.

A reservation or booking. This is a general term that can refer to a table at a restaurant, a hotel room, or any other service that requires advanced booking.
Vorrei fare una prenotazione per due persone, per favore.

An appointment. This term is commonly used in a professional context, such as setting up meetings or arranging a visit to the doctor.
Ho bisogno di fissare un appuntamento con il dottore.

“I would like.” This polite phrase is a great way to start any request in Italian.
Vorrei prenotare un tavolo per stasera.

“Can I.” Use this verb when asking for permission to do something or inquiring about the availability of a service.
Posso avere il menu, per favore?

To reserve or to book. Another verb that’s synonymous with making a reservation.
Vorremmo riservare una camera doppia per la prossima settimana.

Available. Use this adjective to ask if the service you’re seeking is available at a particular time or on a specific date.
È disponibile una stanza per questa notte?

To confirm. It’s often important to confirm your booking or appointment, especially if it has been made well in advance.
Potrebbe confermare la mia prenotazione, per favore?

To cancel. In case your plans change, you may need to cancel a reservation or appointment.
Devo cancellare il mio appuntamento di domani.

To move or to postpone. Sometimes, you might need to change the time of your reservation or appointment.
Posso spostare il mio appuntamento a lunedì?

Schedule or hours of operation. Knowing the orario is essential when planning visits to restaurants, museums, or any public place.
Quali sono gli orari di apertura del museo?

Quanto tempo prima
How far in advance. When booking, you might want to know how far ahead you should plan.
Quanto tempo prima devo prenotare il tavolo?

Un tavolo per…
A table for… When making a reservation at a restaurant, you will need to specify the number of people in your party.
Posso avere un tavolo per quattro persone?

Una camera singola/doppia
A single/double room. For hotel reservations, specify the type of room you need.
Vorrei prenotare una camera singola per tre notti.

Con vista
With a view. If you want a room or table with a nice view, this is the phrase to use.
Preferisco una camera con vista sul mare.

Knowing these phrases will set the stage for smooth interactions during your Italian adventures. Practice them regularly, and you’ll be making reservations and appointments like a native in no time. Buona fortuna (good luck) with your Italian learning journey!

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