Italian Phrases for Expressing Opinions

Whether you’re chatting over coffee in Rome or discussing literature in Florence, expressing your opinion in Italian is key to engaging in deeper conversations. The following phrases will help you articulate your point of view with clarity and style.

Secondo me is a frequently used expression that means “in my opinion.” This simple starter phrase is perfect for initiating your point of view on any subject.
Secondo me, questo ristorante è il migliore della città.

A mio parere is another way to say “in my opinion” or “to my mind,” and is slightly more formal than “secondo me.”
A mio parere, la musica classica è più rilassante del rock.

Credo che translates to “I believe that” and is typically used when you’re about to state a belief or a viewpoint that you hold.
Credo che studiare ogni giorno sia essenziale per imparare una nuova lingua.

Penso che means “I think that” and is another commonly used phrase to express what you are thinking with a hint of subjectivity.
Penso che andremo in vacanza quest’estate.

Ritengo che also means “I think that” or “I hold that,” but it often implies a strong belief or conviction.
Ritengo che l’educazione sia la chiave per il futuro.

Sono dell’opinione che is a formal phrase which means “I am of the opinion that.” It’s well-suited for written texts or formal discussions.
Sono dell’opinione che tutti dovrebbero avere accesso all’acqua potabile.

Sono convinto/a che means “I am convinced that” and is used to express an opinion you’re very sure about. Note that “convinto” becomes “convinta” if the speaker is female.
Sono convinta che il cambiamento climatico sia il problema più grave del nostro tempo.

Sono certo/a che translates to “I am certain that” and is similar to “sono convinto/a” in expressing a strong degree of certainty about an opinion.
Sono certo che tornerò a visitare l’Italia.

Per quanto mi riguarda means “as far as I’m concerned” and introduces an opinion that is personal to the speaker.
Per quanto mi riguarda, possiamo anche restare a casa invece di uscire.

Non sono sicuro/a ma… translates to “I’m not sure but…” and is used when you want to express a tentative opinion.
Non sono sicura ma credo che il film inizi alle otto.

È mia convinzione che is a formal phrase that means “it is my conviction that” and is used to state a belief strongly held.
È mia convinzione che l’arte possa cambiare il mondo.

Using these phrases will not only help you share your thoughts and opinions in Italian but also show respect for the language’s subtleties. Remember that stating opinions in a new language can be daunting, but practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to speak up. Your Italian-speaking friends will appreciate your efforts and likely share their opinions in return, leading to interesting and dynamic conversations. Buona conversazione!

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