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Idiomatic Expressions in Azerbaijani

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Learning a new language is often about more than just grammar and vocabulary; it’s also about understanding the cultural nuances and colloquialisms that make a language unique. Idiomatic expressions, which often cannot be understood from the literal meaning of the words, are an integral part of every language, including Azerbaijani. Let’s explore some common Azerbaijani idiomatic expressions, which can give you insights into the culture and help you sound like a native speaker.

Boş vaxtında qoyun sayma (Don’t count sheep in your spare time)
This expression is used to tell someone not to waste their time on pointless activities. It’s similar to the English saying, “Don’t count chickens before they hatch.”
Ona boş vaxtında qoyun sayma, işinə yönəl derdim.

Əl çəkmək (To take the hand away)
“Əl çəkmək” is used when someone stops doing something or gives up on something. It’s somewhat akin to the phrase “throw in the towel” in English.
Hər şeyi yarımçıq buraxıb əl çəkmək səndən gözlənilməz oldu.

Gözün aydın olsun (Let your eyes be bright)
This phrase is often heard in joyous circumstances and is akin to saying “Congratulations!” It is usually said when something good happens to someone.
Qızının toyu ilə gözün aydın olsun!

Daşa çevrilmək (To turn into a stone)
“Daşa çevrilmək” is used metaphorically to describe someone who is extremely surprised or shocked, similar to being petrified in English.
Sənin gəlişini görəndə daşa çevrildim!

Ağlına gəlmək (To come to mind)
This expression means to think of something or to remember something suddenly. It can be compared to the English idiom “to cross one’s mind.”
Birdən yeni layihə ilə bağlı bir fikir ağlıma gəldi.

Eləmək bilə (To know how to make)
The phrase “eləmək bilə” reflects the ability to handle or manage situations effectively or to have the knowledge to do something. It captures the sense of being capable or skilled in some way.
Bu məsələni çözmək üçün nə eləmək biləsən, onu elə.

Yuxudan durmaq (To wake from sleep)
Literal in its meaning, “yuxudan durmaq” means to wake up. However, it can also be used metaphorically to suggest becoming aware of a situation or realizing the truth.
Axı, nə vaxt yuxudan durub həqiqəti görmək istəyirsən?

Dilə gəlmək (To come to the tongue)
When something “dilə gəlmək,” it means it is being spoken about or has become a topic of conversation. It’s similar to coming up in discussion.
Keçən həftə hadisəsi hər yerdə dilə gəldi.

Each of these idioms holds the zest of Azerbaijani life and thought. Incorporating these into your conversations will not only enrich your language skills but also impress native speakers with your understanding of their linguistic gems. As with all idioms, context is key, so listen to how native speakers use them and practice them in your daily Azerbaijani conversations. Happy learning!

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