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Housing and Real Estate Phrases in Belarusian

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Learning the local language can be particularly handy when navigating real estate matters in a new country. Belarusian, as spoken in Belarus, offers its own unique set of phrases useful for anything related to housing and real estate. Understanding these terms will significantly help when looking for a place to live, discussing housing features, or dealing with property-related transactions.

Дом (dom) – House/Home
This term refers to the physical building in which people reside, typically used for single-family units.
Я хачу купіць новы дом у Мінску.
(English: I want to buy a new house in Minsk.)

Кватэра (kvatera) – Apartment
This is the word for apartment or flat, a common form of urban housing in Belarus.
Ці ёсць басейн у гэтай кватэры?
(English: Is there a swimming pool in this apartment?)

Жылё (zhylyo) – Housing/Accommodation
A general term for housing or accommodation of any kind.
Я шукаю жылё блізу цэнтра горада.
(English: I am looking for housing near the city center.)

Нерухомасць (nerukhomasc) – Real Estate
Used to refer to real estate or immovable property.
Інвестыцыі ў нерухомасць звычайна з’яўляюцца надзейным выбарам.
(English: Investments in real estate are usually a reliable choice.)

Аранда (aranda) – Rent
The payment made regularly to use a property or land.
Які памер аранды за гэты месяц?
(English: What is the rent amount for this month?)

Маклер (makler) – Real Estate Agent
A professional involved in the buying, selling, or renting of properties.
Вы можаце рэкамендаваць добрага маклера?
(English: Can you recommend a good real estate agent?)

Купля-продаж (kuplya-prodazh) – Buying and Selling
The phrase refers to the act of buying and selling, especially in the context of property.
Процэс куплі-продажу можа заняць некаторы час.
(English: The buying and selling process can take some time.)

Іпатэка (ipateka) – Mortgage
A legal agreement by which a bank lends money at interest in exchange for taking title of the debtor’s property.
Я разгледжваю магчымасць узяць іпатэку на кватэру.
(English: I’m considering taking out a mortgage for an apartment.)

Агенцтва нерухомасці (agentsva nerukhomasci) – Real estate agency
A business involved in the buying, selling, renting, or management of properties.
Гэтае агенцтва нерухомасці мае выдатную рэпутацыю.
(English: This real estate agency has an excellent reputation.)

Дагавор арэнды (dagavor arendy) – Lease agreement
A contract outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property from another party.
Перад падпісаннем дагавора арэнды, заўсёды чытайце дробны шрыфт.
(English: Always read the fine print before signing the lease agreement.)

Будаўніцтва (budawnictva) – Construction
The process of building or constructing houses or buildings.
Новае будаўніцтва пачалося злева ад парку.
(English: The new construction has started to the left of the park.)

Рэмонт (remont) – Repairs/Renovation
The work of improving or restoring a building or property.
Рэмонт кухні заняў больш часу, чым я чакала.
(English: The kitchen renovation took longer than I expected.)

Using these phrases and understanding their meanings can help bridge the gap between merely visiting Belarus and actively engaging in the local housing and real estate market. Whether you’re planning to rent an apartment, buy a house, or just want to talk about properties in Belarus, these Belarusian terms will be invaluable in your language learning journey.

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