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Household Items Vocabulary in Portuguese

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When learning a new language, expanding your vocabulary is crucial, especially with items you encounter daily. Here’s a list of common household items in Portuguese that will certainly come in handy. For those learning Portuguese, knowing these words can help you navigate through daily conversations with ease.

A “cama” is a piece of furniture used for sleeping or resting, commonly known as a bed.
Você trocou os lençóis da cama hoje?

The word “mesa” refers to a table, a flat surface supported by legs.
Nós vamos jantar na mesa da sala de jantar.

A “cadeira” is a chair, an item of furniture with a back, typically with four legs, and used for sitting.
Precisamos comprar outra cadeira para o escritório.

An “armário” is a cabinet or cupboard, usually with shelves or drawers.
Eu guardei as toalhas limpas no armário do banheiro.

“Televisão,” often abbreviated to “TV,” is the device for viewing broadcast or recorded visual content.
Vamos assistir a um filme na televisão esta noite?

A “sofá” is a long upholstered seat with a back and arms, known in English as a sofa or couch.
O gato está dormindo no sofá novamente.

A “geladeira” is a refrigerator, an appliance for keeping food and drinks cold.
Comprei verduras e as coloquei na geladeira.

The word “fogão” refers to a stove or range, an appliance used for cooking.
Você pode verificar se o fogão está desligado?

A “lâmpada” is a light bulb, the glass enclosure in which light is produced.
Precisamos substituir a lâmpada queimada na cozinha.

A “tapete” is a rug or carpet, a textile floor covering.
Derramei vinho no tapete branco da sala.

A “xícara” is a cup, typically used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee or tea.
Eu quebrei minha xícara favorita esta manhã.

The word “prato” translates to a plate, a flat dish from which food is eaten.
Coloque o prato no microondas para aquecer a comida.

A “colher” is a spoon, cutlery for eating or serving food.
Use a colher para misturar o açúcar no chá.

The “faca” means knife, a utensil with a cutting edge or blade.
Preciso de uma faca afiada para cortar o pão.

A “garfo” is a fork, an implement with two or more prongs, used for eating or serving food.
Você prefere usar um garfo ou palitos para comer macarrão?

Learning household items in Portuguese is a practical step in language acquisition. These words can help to build a foundation for more complex conversations. Practice them regularly, try to label items in your house with their Portuguese names, or even create sentences using these terms to become more comfortable with your new vocabulary. Feliz aprendizado! (Happy learning!)

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