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Household Items and Furniture in Russian

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Learning Russian can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially when you start to recognize the words for everyday items around your home. In this article, we’ll explore some common household items and pieces of furniture in Russian. Knowing these words will not only enhance your vocabulary but will also make your daily life in a Russian-speaking country more comfortable.

Кровать (krovat’) — Bed
This is where you sleep and likely spend a good portion of your time in your home.
У меня новая удобная кровать. (U menya novaya udobnaya krovat’.) — I have a new comfortable bed.

Стол (stol) — Table
A piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects can be placed.
На столе стоит ваза с цветами. (Na stole stoit vaza s tsvetami.) — There is a vase with flowers on the table.

Стул (stul) — Chair
A piece of furniture for one person to sit on, with a back, a seat, and four legs.
Я купил новый стул для рабочего места. (Ya kupil novyy stul dlya rabochego mesta.) — I bought a new chair for my workstation.

Диван (divan) — Sofa/Couch
A large, comfortable piece of furniture for sitting or lying on.
Мой кот любит спать на диване. (Moy kot lyubit spat’ na divane.) — My cat loves to sleep on the sofa.

Шкаф (shkaf) — Wardrobe
A tall cupboard with doors and shelves for storing clothes.
В моем шкафу очень много одежды. (V moyem shkafe ochen’ mnogo odezhdy.) — There are lots of clothes in my wardrobe.

Зеркало (zerkalo) — Mirror
A reflective surface, now typically of glass with a silvery, metallic backing.
Я вешаю зеркало в прихожей. (Ya veshaю zerkalo v prikhozhey.) — I am hanging a mirror in the hallway.

Лампа (lampa) — Lamp
A device for giving light, especially one that has a covering or is contained within something.
Вечером я читаю книгу при свете лампы. (Vecherom ya chitayu knigu pri svete lampy.) — In the evening, I read a book by the light of the lamp.

Ковёр (kovyor) — Carpet
A floor covering made from thick woven fabric.
На ковре играют маленькие дети. (Na kovyore igraюt malen’kiye deti.) — Small children are playing on the carpet.

Полка (polka) — Shelf
A flat, horizontal surface in a cupboard or on a wall, on which objects can be placed.
Я расставил книги на полке. (Ya rasstavil knigi na polke.) — I arranged the books on the shelf.

Телевизор (televizor) — Television set
A device with a screen for receiving television signals.
Она смотрит новости на телевизоре. (Ona smotrit novosti na televizore.) — She is watching the news on the television set.

Холодильник (kholodilnik) — Refrigerator
An appliance for keeping food cold.
Чтобы еда не испортилась, положи её в холодильник. (Chtoby yeda ne isportilas’, polozhi yeё v kholodilnik.) — To keep the food from spoiling, put it in the refrigerator.

By memorizing these basic terms for household items and furniture in Russian, you’ll be able to name various objects around the house and engage in more everyday conversations. Practice using them in sentences to help solidify them in your memory. Happy learning!

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