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Hindi Words for Weather and Natural Elements

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When learning Hindi, it’s important to become acquainted with words related to weather and natural elements, as they form part of everyday conversations. Knowing how to describe the weather or the world around you can significantly enhance your speaking and comprehension skills in Hindi. Below is a list of Hindi words related to weather and natural elements with their definitions and examples to help you with your learning journey.

Mausam (मौसम) – Weather
This word is used to denote the general condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time.
Aaj ka mausam bahut suhana hai.
(Today’s weather is very pleasant.)

Akaash (आकाश) – Sky
Akaash refers to the expanse above us that we see when we look upward.
Aakaash me baadal chha rahe hain.
(Clouds are gathering in the sky.)

Suraj (सूरज) – Sun
The star at the center of our solar system is called Suraj in Hindi.
Suraj purab mein uga hai.
(The sun has risen in the east.)

Baarish (बारिश) – Rain
Precipitation in the form of water droplets is known as Baarish.
Baarish hone se pehle mitti ki khushboo aati hai.
(The smell of wet earth comes before it rains.)

Hawa (हवा) – Wind
The natural movement of the air is referred to as Hawa.
Tez hawa ke karan pedh hil rahe hain.
(The trees are swaying because of the strong wind.)

Dhup (धूप) – Sunlight
Direct light from the Sun is called Dhup.
Dhoop me mat baitho, garmi lag sakti hai.
(Don’t sit in the sunlight, you could feel the heat.)

Badal (बादल) – Cloud
A visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere is known as a Badal.
Aasman mein safed badal hain.
(There are white clouds in the sky.)

Tufaan (तूफान) – Storm
A violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds, usually accompanied by rain, lightning, or snow is called Tufaan.
Samundar mein tufaan aane wala hai.
(A storm is approaching in the sea.)

Barf (बर्फ) – Snow/Ice
Frozen water, particularly when it falls as snowflakes, is known as Barf.
Sardiyon mein yahan barf girti hai.
(Snow falls here in winter.)

Ole (ओले) – Hail
Pellets of frozen rain, which fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds, are referred to as Ole.
Kal raat ko ole gire the.
(Hail fell last night.)

Chand (चांद) – Moon
The natural satellite of the Earth, visible at night, is called Chand in Hindi.
Aaj raat ko chand bahut sundar dikh raha hai.
(The moon looks very beautiful tonight.)

Sitara (सितारा) – Star
A celestial body that is visible in the night sky as a point of light is a Sitara.
Aasman mein bahut saare sitare hain.
(There are many stars in the sky.)

Understanding these basic Hindi words for weather and natural elements will not only help you describe the environment but also enable you to engage in conversations with Hindi speakers more fluently. Keep practicing, and you’ll find yourself mastering these words in no time.

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