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Hindi Vocabulary for Travel and Tourism

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Traveling to a Hindi-speaking region can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you’re a globe-trotter or a first-time tourist, getting familiar with the local language can greatly enhance your trip. Learning some essential Hindi vocabulary for travel and tourism will not only help you navigate through cities and villages, but it will also allow you to connect more deeply with the culture and its people. Let’s dive into some key words and phrases that you should add to your travel lexicon.

Meaning: Journey, travel
Mujhe yaatraa karna bahut pasand hai.
Translation: I love to travel a lot.

Meaning: Tourism
Bharat mein paryatan udyog bahut bada hai.
Translation: The tourism industry in India is very large.

Havaai Adda
Meaning: Airport
Kya aap mujhe havaai adda tak chhod denge?
Translation: Could you drop me off at the airport?

Meaning: Visa (the document)
Kya aapke paas Amerika jaane ka visa hai?
Translation: Do you have a visa to go to America?

Meaning: Hotel
Kya aapne hotel mein kamra book kar liya?
Translation: Have you booked a room in the hotel?

Meaning: Reservation, booking
Mujhe ek table ka reservation chahiye.
Translation: I need a reservation for a table.

Meaning: Tourist
Yahaan har saal laakhon pravasi aate hain.
Translation: Millions of tourists come here every year.

Meaning: Train
Hum kal raat ki train se jaayenge.
Translation: We will go by the train tomorrow night.

Meaning: Bus
Bus stand kis disha mein hai?
Translation: In which direction is the bus stand?

Meaning: Taxi
Kya aap taxi bulane mein meri madad kar sakte hain?
Translation: Could you help me call a taxi?

Meaning: Map
Kya aapke paas is sheher ka naksha hai?
Translation: Do you have a map of this city?

Meaning: Sightseeing
Kal hum puri din sightseeing ke liye jaayenge.
Translation: Tomorrow, we will go sightseeing the entire day.

Meaning: Guide
Kya aap hamein tour guide ki vyavastha kar sakte hain?
Translation: Can you arrange a tour guide for us?

Meaning: Time
Kripaya aagaman ka samay bataiye.
Translation: Please tell me the arrival time.

Meaning: Exhibition
Kya hum pradarshani dekhne chale?
Translation: Shall we go to see the exhibition?

Meaning: Temple
Mandir ke darshan ke baad hum khaana khayenge.
Translation: We will eat after visiting the temple.

Meaning: Souvenir
Mujhe yahan se ek souvenir kharidna hai.
Translation: I want to buy a souvenir from here.

Meaning: Fatigue
Puri yaatra ke baad, thakaan mahsoos ho rahi hai.
Translation: After the entire journey, I’m feeling fatigued.

Meaning: Culture
Bharatiya sanskruti bahut samrichh aur vividhatalaabh hai.
Translation: Indian culture is very rich and diverse.

By familiarizing yourself with these Hindi words, your travel and tourism experience in Hindi-speaking territories will certainly be enriched. Don’t hesitate to use them when conversing with locals or during your adventures. Happy travels और यात्रा मंगलमय हो (May your journey be auspicious)!

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