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Hindi Terms for Building and Construction

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Learning the specific vocabulary related to building and construction can be incredibly helpful, not only for those working in the industry but also for those who may need to navigate home repairs, real estate transactions, or simply wish to expand their Hindi vocabulary. Below is a list of Hindi terms often used in the context of building and construction, along with their definitions and example sentences.

Nirman (निर्माण) – Construction
The process or act of building something, usually a large structure like a house or a commercial building.
Wo naye mall ka nirman dekhne gaye hain.

Makan (मकान) – House or Building
A residential building.
Unka makan bahut sundar aur vyavasthit hai.

Bhavan (भवन) – Building
Can be used for both residential and commercial structures.
School ka naya bhavan agle mahine khulega.

Rajmistri (रजमिस्त्री) – Mason
A craftsperson who works with bricks, stones, and concrete in building construction.
Rajmistri ne chhat ki marammat ki hai.

Majdoor (मजदूर) – Laborer
A worker, typically one that does manual labor in construction sites.
Nirman sthal par kai majdoor kam kar rahe hain.

Sthapatya (स्थापत्य) – Architecture
The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
Is imarat ki sthapatya shaili bahut anokhi hai.

Map (माप) – Measurement
The size or length of something that is needed in the construction process.
Ye diwar sahi map ke hisaab se nahin bani hai.

Naksha (नक्शा) – Blueprint or Plan
A detailed drawing that represents the design of a building.
Nirman shuru karne se pehle naksha pasand aaya?

Neenv (नींव) – Foundation
The solid base upon which a structure is built.
Unke naye ghar ki neenv pichle hafte rakhi gayi thi.

Sariya (सरिया) – Reinforcement Steel Bar or Rebar
Steel bars used to reinforce concrete in construction.
Nirman samagri mein sariya bhi shamil hai.

Chunai (चुनाई) – Plastering
The process of applying a protective layer to the walls and ceilings of a building.
Deewaron ki chunai kal hi puri ki gayi thi.

It (इट) – Brick
A block of ceramic material used in masonry construction.
In iton se diwar banaai ja rahi hai.

RCC (आरसीसी) – Reinforced Cement Concrete
A composite material in which concrete’s compressive strength is countered by the strength of reinforcement.
Is bhavan ki chat RCC ki banayi gayi hai.

Paint (पेंट) – Paint
A colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.
Ghar ke bahar ka paint last week kiya gaya tha.

By familiarizing yourself with these Hindi terms related to building and construction, not only does it become easier to navigate this sector in India or any Hindi speaking region, but it may also aid in understanding the structural considerations of a space, which can be beneficial in various professional and personal contexts. Whether you are a language learner, traveler, or professional, knowing this vocabulary can be a valuable part of your skillset.

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