German Words for Decorating and Home Improvement

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities, not just for basic communication but also for specific tasks such as decorating and home improvement. In this article, we’ll explore some essential German words that you can use when you’re looking to spruce up your living space or undertake a renovation project.

To furnish or to set up a room or home. This verb is essential when discussing the arrangement or decoration of interior spaces.
Wir möchten unser Wohnzimmer neu einrichten. (We want to furnish our living room anew.)

To renovate. When a room or building needs more than just a fresh coat of paint, you might need to renovate it.
Nächstes Jahr werden wir die Küche renovieren. (Next year we will renovate the kitchen.)

To decorate. This can refer to putting up decorations for a specific occasion or simply beautifying a space.
Zu Weihnachten dekorieren wir das ganze Haus. (We decorate the entire house for Christmas.)

To paint (walls). Whether you’re changing the color of your walls or patching up scuffs, this is the verb you’ll use.
Wir haben vor, das Schlafzimmer blau zu streichen. (We plan to paint the bedroom blue.)

Wallpaper. If painting isn’t your style, you might opt for wallpapering your spaces instead.
Ich kann mich nicht zwischen gestreifter oder geblümter Tapete entscheiden. (I can’t decide between striped or floral wallpaper.)

Tiles. In bathrooms and kitchens, tiles are a common element, useful for floors and walls alike.
Wir möchten die alten Fliesen in der Küche ersetzen. (We want to replace the old tiles in the kitchen.)

DIY (do it yourself). For the handyperson who prefers to tackle projects on their own, this is an all-encompassing term.
Heimwerken ist mein Hobby; ich baue gerne Möbel selbst. (DIY is my hobby; I like building furniture myself.)

Furniture. Essential to any decorating or home improvement project, furniture defines a space.
Wir benötigen neue Möbel für das Esszimmer. (We need new furniture for the dining room.)

Floor covering. Depending on your preference, this could range from hardwood to carpeting.
Der Bodenbelag im Wohnzimmer ist etwas beschädigt. (The floor covering in the living room is slightly damaged.)

Ladder. A crucial tool for reaching high places during decorating or improvements.
Pass auf, wenn du die Leiter benutzt, um die Vorhänge aufzuhängen. (Be careful when using the ladder to hang the curtains.)

Tool. No home improvement job can be completed without the right tools.
Könntest du mir das Werkzeug reichen, das auf dem Tisch liegt? (Could you hand me the tool lying on the table?)

As you embark on your home improvement and decoration journey, having these German words in your toolbelt will be incredibly useful. Whether shopping for supplies, discussing ideas with a contractor, or simply sharing your home transformation with friends, you’ll be equipped to handle it all in your new language. So grab your Werkzeug and let’s get started – your dream space awaits!

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