German Vocabulary for Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a routine part of life and knowing the relevant vocabulary when you’re in a German-speaking country can make the task easier and more enjoyable. Here’s a list of essential German words and phrases that could come in handy at the supermarket.

Der Supermarkt – The supermarket
This is where you’ll do most of your grocery shopping.
Können Sie mir sagen, wo der nächste Supermarkt ist? – Can you tell me where the nearest supermarket is?

Die Einkaufsliste – Shopping list
Before you head out, make sure you have your shopping list with you.
Ich muss meine Einkaufsliste überprüfen, bevor ich einkaufen gehe. – I need to check my shopping list before I go shopping.

Der Einkaufswagen – Shopping cart
You’ll need this if you plan on buying more than a few items.
Bitte nimm einen Einkaufswagen, wir kaufen viel ein. – Please take a shopping cart, we are buying a lot.

Der Einkaufskorb – Shopping basket
For fewer purchases, a basket will suffice.
Ein Einkaufskorb ist genug für die paar Sachen, die wir brauchen. – A shopping basket is enough for the few things we need.

Die Kasse – Checkout/Cashier
This is where you pay for your groceries.
Ich stehe an der Kasse an, um zu bezahlen. – I’m queuing at the checkout to pay.

Die Lebensmittel – Groceries
A general term for any food items you might be buying.
Wir müssen Lebensmittel kaufen, unser Kühlschrank ist leer. – We need to buy groceries; our refrigerator is empty.

Das Obst und Gemüse – Fruits and vegetables
Healthy and essential, fruits and vegetables are often sold by weight.
Kannst du frisches Obst und Gemüse holen? – Can you pick up fresh fruits and vegetables?

Die Bäckerei – Bakery
Where you’ll find bread and other baked goods.
Ich gehe schnell zur Bäckerei, um Brot zu holen. – I’m quickly going to the bakery to get some bread.

Die Wursttheke – Deli counter
Here you can get a variety of meats and cheeses.
An der Wursttheke gibt es heute eine große Auswahl. – There’s a large selection at the deli counter today.

Die Milchprodukte – Dairy products
This includes items like milk, cheese, and yogurt.
Vergiss nicht, Milchprodukte auf deine Einkaufsliste zu setzen. – Don’t forget to put dairy products on your shopping list.

Die Getränke – Beverages
Whether it’s water, juice, or soda, you’ll find these here.
Wir sollten genug Getränke für die Party kaufen. – We should buy enough beverages for the party.

Der Rabatt – Discount
Everyone loves a good deal, so keep an eye out for discounts.
Heute gibt es einen großen Rabatt auf viele Lebensmittel. – Today there is a big discount on many groceries.

Die Sonderangebote – Special offers
Similar to discounts, these are good deals provided by the store.
Schau dir die Sonderangebote dieser Woche an. – Check out this week’s special offers.

Öffnungszeiten – Opening hours
Knowing when the store opens and closes is crucial.
Wie spät schließen die Öffnungszeiten heute? – What time do the opening hours end today?

Die Tüte – Bag
You might need an extra bag for your groceries if you buy a lot.
Könnte ich bitte eine Tüte für meine Einkäufe haben? – Could I please have a bag for my shopping?

Learning these vocabulary words will help you navigate through grocery shopping in Germany more comfortably. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to use these terms the next time you find yourself in a German supermarket!

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