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Gardening and outdoor activity vocabulary in Finnish

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Learning a new language often involves immersing oneself in various aspects of the culture and everyday life of the people speaking the language. For Finnish language learners, expanding your vocabulary to include gardening and outdoor activities can be both practical and enjoyable. Here is an array of words and phrases that could come in handy whether you are exploring the Finnish countrysides or simply having a conversation about nature.

Puutarha – Garden
A place where flowers, plants, vegetables, or fruits are cultivated.
Käytän paljon aikaa puutarhassani istuttaessani uusia kukkia.

Istutus – Planting
The act of setting plants or seeds into the ground to grow.
Istutus on keväisin minun lempipuuhiani.

Multa – Soil
The top layer of the earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles.
On tärkeää valita oikea multa kasveillesi.

Kastelukannu – Watering can
A container with a spout used to water plants by hand.
Muista käyttää kastelukannua kuivina päivinä.

Lapio – Shovel
A tool used for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials, such as soil or snow.
Tarvitsemme lapiota istuttaaksemme puun taimen.

Rikkaruoho – Weed
Unwanted plants that grow among cultivated plants.
Rikkaruohot täytyy kitkeä säännöllisesti.

Komposti – Compost
Decomposed organic material used as a fertilizer for growing plants.
Lisäämme kompostia puutarhaan joka kevät.

Möykky – Mound
A heap or pile of something, often referring to soil or planting.
Kukkien istutuksessa hyödynnetään usein möykkyä maanlaatua parantamaan.

Lehtiharava – Leaf rake
A tool consisting of a crossbar with a series of closely spaced teeth on it, used for collecting leaves.
Syksyisin piha pitää puhdistaa lehdistä lehtiharavan avulla.

Vesioksia – Water hose
A flexible tube used to convey water.
Käytämme vesioksia puutarhan kasteluun pidemmän matkan päässä.

Verso – Sprout
New growth from a plant, representing new life or growth.
Innostuin, kun näin ensimmäiset versot ikkunalaudalla.

Pensassakset – Hedge shears
Gardening tool used for trimming hedges or solitary shrubs.
Leikkaan pensasaidan pensassaksilla kesäisin.

Tarhuri – Gardener
A person who tends and cultivates a garden as a pastime or for a living.
Meidän tarhuri tietää kaiken kasvien hoidosta.

These Finnish gardening and outdoor activity words enrich your vocabulary and allow you to chat about spring planting, autumn clean-up, or simply express your love for the outdoors in Finnish. Remember, regular practice and usage of new vocabulary are key to language acquisition, so take every opportunity to incorporate these words into your conversations or maybe even while tending to your own garden. Hyvää puutarhanhoitoa! (Happy gardening!)

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