French vocabulary related to sports and fitness

Learning a new language can be very rewarding, especially when it comes to being able to discuss topics that you’re passionate about. For sports enthusiasts, acquiring vocabulary related to sports and fitness can enhance both your enjoyment of the activity and your ability to interact with others in a French-speaking context. Here is a list of French vocabulary that will help you to talk about sports and fitness like a native.

Meaning ‘sport’ in English, this is a general term for any physical activity that involves a degree of competition.
Quel type de sport préfères-tu pratiquer ?

A ‘gym’ or ‘sports hall’ where people go to exercise or play indoor sports.
Je vais au gymnase trois fois par semaine pour rester en forme.

Refers to ‘training’ or ‘practice sessions,’ which are essential to improve in any sport.
L’entraînement de l’équipe de football est programmé pour demain matin.

Joueur / Joueuse
A ‘player’ in sports, with ‘joueur’ being masculine and ‘joueuse’ feminine.
Le joueur marque un but incroyable pendant le match.

Meaning ‘team,’ this refers to a group of players working together in sports.
Notre équipe a remporté la victoire hier soir.

A ‘competition’ or ‘contest’ in which athletes or teams compete against each other.
Elle s’est inscrite à une compétition de natation.

A ‘game’ or ‘match,’ which is an organized sporting contest.
As-tu vu le dernier match de tennis ?

Entraîneur / Entraîneuse
A ‘coach’ or ‘trainer,’ with ‘entraîneur’ being masculine and ‘entraîneuse’ feminine.
L’entraîneur donne des conseils tactiques aux joueurs.

The verb ‘to run,’ used in various sports and fitness activities.
Il aime courir dans le parc tous les matins.

Related to ‘weight training’ or ‘bodybuilding,’ the practice of lifting weights to strengthen muscles.
La musculation fait partie intégrante de ma routine de fitness.

Forme physique
‘Relating to ‘physical fitness’ or ‘physical shape.’
Après des mois d’entraînement, sa forme physique est excellente.

Meaning ‘exercise’ in English, it refers to any activity requiring physical effort.
Les exercices d’étirement sont importants avant de courir.

The term for ‘swimming,’ a popular activity for fitness and leisure.
La natation est un excellent sport pour améliorer l’endurance.

The ‘referee’ or ‘umpire’ is the official who ensures that the rules of the sport are followed.
L’arbitre a sifflé la fin du match.

Means ‘field’ or ‘court,’ where sports games are played.
Le nouveau terrain de football a été inauguré cette semaine.

The verb ‘to score’ in the context of games and sports.
Il a réussi à marquer deux buts pendant le jeu.

A ‘jersey’ or ‘sports shirt’ worn by team members.
Chaque joueur a reçu un maillot numéroté pour la saison.

The term for ‘warm-up,’ a series of exercises performed before the main sports activity.
L’échauffement aide à prévenir les blessures pendant le sport.

Learning and practicing these French vocabulary words related to sports and fitness can help you participate more fully in conversations, whether you’re discussing the latest match or your personal fitness goals. With regular use, these words will become an integral part of your French language repertoire. Bonne chance!

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